5 Piece Herb Grinder

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Our Sharpstone 5 piece herb grinder is the best herb grinder available in our vape store.  What makes this so special is the vibrating functionality.  All you need to do is press the button at the bottom and the grinder will shake and let all the kief go down into the kief catcher.  It's better than an electric grinder.    

Listing Includes

  • 1x Sharpstone 5 Piece Herb Grinder
  • 1x Battery Included 

Features and Specifications

  • Vibration Functionality is to optimize and increase the accumulation of Kief
  • Kief Scooper
  • Material – High-Quality aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish.
  • Dimensions – 55mm Diameter x 57mm Height
  • Color – Black
  • Easy to Use 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Buy a 5 Piece Herb Grinder with Vibration Functionality?

If you read the information on all our other herb grinders, you’ll notice that we suggest tapping the herb grinder on the table or on a hard surfaced floor.  With our Sharpstone Vibrating Grinder, you don’t’ need to do that.  Just press a button and the grinder will shake for you and let that kief accumulate at the bottom in the kief catcher. 

After loading dry herbs into glass pipes or a portable dry herb vaporizer, Kief is great to sprinkle on top of the dry herbs. It makes your smoking or vaping experience that much more fun and it tastes amazing. 

How to clean a Sharpstone 5 Piece Herb Grinder 

  1. First, make sure you’ve scraped out every last bit of kief in your kief catcher.
  2. Detach all the pieces of the herb grinder and gently tap each piece on a piece of paper on a table or hard surfaced floor.  We suggest doing that in case there is any more residual kief (kief is super valuable to any user of dry herbs).
  3. After you’ve gotten every last bit of kief out of the grinder, you can start boiling all the herb grinder pieces in hot water, EXCLUDING  the battery party.  We suggest boiling it on hot water to make it much easier to use a Q-TIP or cleaning brush to remove any gunk that’s stuck to the grinder.
  4. Once you’ve cleaned your Sharpstone vibrating herb grinder, make sure everything is perfectly dry.  The last thing you want to happen is to have your collected kief get a drop of water on it. 

 How to use a Sharpstone 5 Piece Herb Grinder

  1. Remove the Sharpstone grinder cap.
  2. Load your dry herb buds of sour diesel or OG Kush
  3. Place the cap back on and begin turning the cap of the herb grinder clockwise or counterclockwise for 1-2 minutes.
  4. After you feel the dry herbs have been ground up enough, use the vibrating function to let as much kief as possible enter the kief catcher.  For this herb grinder, you don’t need to gently tap the grinder on the table or hard surfaced floor.  You can if you want, but we don’t think it’s necessary. 


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