Zebrawood Dugout Pipes - Made in USA

Dugout Pipe Options

This wood-finished dugout pipe is will appeal to both your sense of faction and your sense of utility! Crafted with beautiful Zebrawood, this dugout pipe set is complete with a compartment for dry herbs, a compartment for a one-hitter pipe, and an actual one-hitter pipe! You will be hard-pressed to find something as chic or as useful.

Zebrawood Dugout Pipe Listing Includes 

  • Free USA Shipping - International and Priority Shipping Options Available 
  • 1x Zebrawood Dugout Box 
  • 1x One Hitter 
  • Choice of Add-On Options 

Features and Specifications 

  • Dugout Box handmade in the USA by Keystoned Plus 
  • Zebrawood dugout box has large herb storage capacity
  • Portable and Easy to Travel With 
  • One Hitter is has excellent airflow and is easy to use 
  • Dugout Box is 3 inches tall 
  • Wooden dugout box is 1 7/8 inches wide 
  • 5/8 inches depth 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Zebrawood Dugout Pipe

  • Always grind any dry herb you plan on using with the one-hitter pipe or keeping in the built-in storage unit. When ground, the dry herb allows air to flow more freely and will pack the one-hitter pipe appropriately.
  • Take the one-hitter pipe and push it bowl-side down into the compartment with the dry herb. This will pack the pipe, preparing it for smoking.
  • Once packed to your liking, light the one-hitter and start taking hits. We recommend using wood matches for this process.
  • The one-hitter will not last long, so plan on repacking it if you are going to smoke a lot of dry herb. To do so correctly, clear any ash that is remaining after smoking and follow the steps to repack the pipe.

How to Clean a Zebrawood Dugout Pipe

  • The Zebrawood case does not need any kind of formal cleaning. Just an occasional wiping with a cloth or cotton swab will be more than though. The included one-hitter pipe will need to be cleaned in a soaking solution to maintain flavor quality. 420 Cleaner is a great product to make sure this is taken care of the right way. Soak the one-hitter in the cleaning solution, thoroughly rinse, and let it dry. It will then be ready for smoking again.

Why Buy a Zebrawood Dugout Pipe

  • Dugout pipes have made a name for themselves in being some of the easiest and most convenient pipe set-ups to use. You can go from having the case closed to having completed smoking an entire bowl in just one or two minutes. This particular dugout pipe is made of great-looking, durable wood, which will keep it looking great for years to come.