Yocan Torch - Portable Enail

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Of all the dab accessories, the Yocan Torch is the most portable electronic Enail kit around. You can attach this to any dab rig or water bong. The heating chamber is equipped with a dual quartz coil. Its very easy to use and you can take the most convenient dab hits using the built-in airflow button. Check out the details below.    

Yocan Torch Kit Includes 

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  • 1x Yocan Torch 
  • 1x Dual Quartz Rod Vape Coil Heating Chamber 
  • 1x Wax Dab Tool 
  • 1x USB cable 
  • 1x Glass tube 
  • 1x User Manual 

Features and Specifications

  • Dual Quartz Rod Coils 
  • Temperature During Use - 482-582F
  • Fully Charged Battery Supports 45 Puffs
  • Fits 14mm and 18mm joints
  • You can use either the airflow tube or glass tube
  • Battery shuts off after 15 seconds to ensure safety 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How to use the Yocan Torch Portable Enail

    •  The Yocan Torch Domeless Enail is very easy to use.  All you need to do is press the power button and it'll stay on for 15 seconds.  

    • Before turning on the Yocan Torch.  Take off the airflow tube, unscrew the coil cap and load your shatter or crumble.  

    • After loading your concentrates, screw on the coil cap and put on the airflow tube or glass tube.  We suggest using the airflow tube.  

    • Make sure you place your Yocan Torch on any dab rig.  This domeless enail should be able to fit almost all dab rigs.  

    • Press the power button and the button will lock.  So no need to hold the button.  The dual quartz rod coil will begin heating and you can start taking your dab hit.  

    • When you see a lot of vapor built up in the dab rig, you can press down the airflow button and inhale the whole dab hit.  The airflow button functions like a carb hole.

    • As you keep using your Yocan Torch, you'll get more comfortable with the timing and find the proper rhythm.   

    How to Clean the Yocan Torch

    • The only part to clean for the Yocan Torch is the dual quartz rod coil.  DO NOT USE rubbing alcohol or other substances to clean your vape coil.  We recommend to all of our customers at Vape Vet Store to continuously turn on the heating chamber so that it can burn off the shatter and crumble residue.  After you've heated it to the point that you don't see any vapor or smoke, its in the best condition for you to use it again during your next vape session.  Unfortunately, because this is an electronics product and you're using gooey substances to use the portable domeless enail, you will eventually need to replace your vape coils.  

    What are the most replaceable parts to the Yocan Torch?

    • After using the Yocan Torch over and over again, you will realize that the most replaceable part is the dual quartz rod coil.  It will definitely last a long time, but for the more experienced vape user, they may want to use new coils after frequently using the Torch for a few months.  The coil will still work, but many people want the freshest taste when taking their dab hit.  For those who don't take dab hits frequently, the vape coil will last a very long time.  
    • VERY IMPORTANT - When loading your coils, DO NOT press the quartz coil with your dab tool using a lot of force.  You can easily damage the coil and will have to buy a replacement.  This is an electronic device.  BE CAREFUL when loading your shatter or crumble into the heating chamber.

    Why buy the Yocan Torch Enail?

    • The Yocan Torch enail is the most convenient product for dabbers. Instead of dragging around a torch and a nail and some sort of pincers to grab the nail, or a glove, you get the enail. No fuss, no mess you can rip huge dabs of your concentrates on the go or in your home, and fits in many different sizes of dab rig.


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