Yocan NYX Wax Atomizer

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The Yocan NYX is a wax atomizer and it can fit any box mod you have. The suggested wattage is 15-25W. It's equipped with a dual quartz vape coil and has an airflow button to make every vape hit smooth, tasteful and enjoyable. Our Kamry mod vape and SteamCloud box mod work great with the Yocan NYX Wax Atomizer.

Kit Includes 

  • 1x Yocan NYX wax atomizer 
  • 1x Extra dual quartz coil
  • 1x Hard Plastic Case

Features and Specifications

  • QDC Technology - wax atomizer comes with dual quartz coils 
  • Airflow button allows you to take smoother and fuller hits. 
  • High-End and Pure Metal 
  • Fits any 510 Thread Battery
  • Suggested Wattage - 15-25W

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Yocan NYX wax atomizer?

  1. First, unscrew the atomizer base from the bottom and remove the coil cap. 
  2. Next, use a dab tool to load wax on top of the dual quartz coil. 
  3. Put the coil cap back on and screw in the atomizer base.   
  4. Now you're ready to screw the NYX onto any box mod, such as the SteamCloud or Kamry mod vape.  
  5. Set the wattage anywhere from 15-25W. The lower the wattage the lighter your hit will be. So if you don't want strong hits, keep it around 10-15. 
  6. Press and hold the power button.  After 1-2 seconds, you may begin inhaling. When you're ready to clear your hit, gently press the airflow button. 
  7. Depending on how much you load in the atomizer will depend on how many vapes hits you can get from one atomizer of wax. It can be anywhere from a few hits to over a dozen. 

How to clean the Yocan NYX wax atomizer?

  • Cleaning your wax atomizer is never easy.  Every time you finish your vaping your wax pen, you need to make sure that you try to burn off all the residual wax so that the vape coils don't get too much build up.  When the vape coils are cooling down the residual wax hardens and becomes harder to burn off the next time.  So your goal should be to burn off as much as possible.  
  • The reason why an extra dual quartz coil is included in the kit is that over time, no matter what you do, the coil will have too much build up and you will need to replace it.  It will still work, but for people who vape daily,  they'll want to change coils and have a fresher taste.  

What type of vape batteries fit the Yocan NYX wax atomizer?

  • You can use any 510 threaded battery for your Yocan NYX, but it's best to use a box mod with it.  Standard 510 threaded batteries are between 3.2 volts and 4.2 volts. That's fine and all, but if you want your wax atomizer to be more versatile, then you'd want to use a box mod so you can adjust the wattage and take either regular hits or super huge hits that are comparable with a dab rig. Click on a few listings below to see which box mod you'd want to buy.  
SteamCloud A-40

Why Buy the yocan nyx atomizer?

  • The Yocan Nyx Wax Atomizer's dual quartz coil gives you the cleanest and best tasting vapor. It packs a punch with up to (a recommended) 25 watts of power and it is 510 threaded so it can fit on top of most box mods, like the SteamCloud Box Mod or the Kangertech Subox Mini. It's definitely a solid choice for any wax vape fan.