Yocan Evolve

Vape Kit Options

The Yocan Evolve wax vape pen is very stylish and sleek. It can fit in anyone's hand or pocket. The dual quartz rod coils also provide the freshest taste when vaping shatter or crumble. Take it wherever you go and you'll be able to vape discreetly.      

Kit Includes

  • 1x Evolve Vape Pen 
  • 1x extra dual quartz rod vape coil
  • 1x dab tool
  • 1x USB charging cable

Add-On Option Details

  1. Kit + Dab Tools - Yocan Evolve Kit with 3 dab containers (random color) and one silver dab tool
  2. Kit + 5 Wax Coils - Yocan Evolve Kit with a 5 Pack of quartz coils
  3. Kit + Dab Bundle - Yocan Evolve Kit with 5 pack of quartz coils, 3 silicone dab containers (random color) and one stainless steel silver dab tool. 

Features & Specifications

  • The heating chamber has a coil cap that helps reduce wax concentrates from getting caught in the mouthpiece.  
  • Lithium Vape Battery shuts off after 10 seconds to ensure safety.
  • Battery Capacity: 650mah 
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms
  • Vape Length: 120mm
  • Vape Width: 14mm

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Use the Yocan Evolve Vape Pen

  • To turn your Yocan Evolve vape pen on/off, you need to press the power button 5 times consecutively. The light on the battery will blink 3 times to indicate if you turned it on or off.
  • When the battery is turned on, if you press and hold the power button, the light on the button will stay on. So make sure that YOU KEEP YOUR BATTERY OFF when it's in your bag or pocket. 
  • To make sure your wax coils work, screw in your evolve coils.  Then press and hold the power button.  As long as the coil lights up, you're ready to add in your shatter or crumble. 
  • After loading your Shatter into your Yocan Evolve vape coils, press and hold the power button.  After 1 or 2 seconds, you can begin vaping. After holding down the power button for 10 seconds, the battery will automatically stop heating and the power button will blink 8 times.

How to Charge The Yocan Evolve Vape Pen?

  • If the Yocan Evolve vape battery is dead, the button will blink 10 times. 
  • To charge the Yocan Evolve battery, first, screw the battery into the charger device. 
  • Next, plug the USB into a wall adapter, laptop, car charger, etc. 
  • Once Your Evolve battery is charging, you will see the red light on the charger appear. 
  • When the red light on the USB switches to green, it's fully charged and ready to be used. Charging typically takes 1 hour. 
  • Remove the battery from the charger and you can begin vaping your Yocan Evolve whenever you're ready. 

How to clean the Yocan Evolve Vape Pen

  • Cleaning dab accessories is never easy.  If you want to keep your Yocan Evolve wax atomizers clean you must make sure to burn off the wax residue after finishing your vape session.  The best way to burn off the residue is by repeatedly heating your vape pen and lightly blowing on the quartz coil.  You can also use a Q-TIP to clean the walls of the heating chamber.  Make sure the coils are very hot when using the Q-TIP.  If the coils are not hot, the walls will be sticky, thus, making it difficult to clean.  

Which vape parts are expected to be replaced the most?

  • The most commonly purchased replacement part is the Yocan Evolve coils.  These dual quartz rod coils are top quality, but when dealing with shatter or crumble, you'll eventually need to replace your coils for a couple reasons: 

    1. Many daily users prefer to have the freshest taste when vaping their concentrates.  If you're vaping Wax concentrates daily, the flavor of your vapor tends to change after a few months of using a vape pen.  As a result, many users decide to buy extra coils so that they can vape the freshest taste of shatter or crumble.  
    2. There are many NEW users that don't understand how delicate a heating chamber can be.  When using dab tools to load your heating chambers, DO NOT POKE AT THE COIL!!!  You want to make sure to gently put your concentrates in.  If you poke at the vape coil too hard, you can seriously damage it and will need to purchase replacements.

Why is My Yocan Evolve Blinking 3 times after pressing the power button?

  • When a Yocan Evolve blinks 3 times, it means you are having a short circuit issue. Please follow these troubleshooting tasks below: 
  • First, make sure that the connection points between the atomizer and battery is clean and free of debris. If you are still experiencing this issue, it's possible that the pin on the battery is pushed down too much. Use tweezers to lift up the pin on the battery a little. 
  • If you are still seeing the battery blink 4 times, we suggest trying the battery with other coils you have. If other coils work with the battery, then it's clear you have a defective coil. If all the coils don't work with the battery, then it's a battery issue. 
  • Most of the time when there's a short circuit issue, it's due to a defective atomizer. It's either a problem with the electric pole on the atomizer or the two coil wires behind the atomizer pin. When the coil wires touch each other, the coils won't work and will make the battery blink 4 times. 
  • Short Circuit issues rarely happen, but in the event, it happens to you, please take a video and send it to our support team. We'll make sure to resolve the issue for you as soon as possible. 

Why Buy the Yocan Evolve Wax Pen?

  • The Yocan Evolve is a slim and sleek vape pen that let's you vape wax on the go. It has dual quartz coils which provide with fresh, tasty vapor. The value this vape pen provides is nearly unmatched. If you want to learn more about the Evolve, head over to the Vaporizer Learning Center to check out the review.