Yocan 94F Atomizer Kit

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Quick Review

  • Made for combusting large amounts of dry herbs and vaporizing (conduction)
  • Designed for use with variable voltage & standard batteries (standard batteries work best)
  • Amount of vapor with herbs (using glass screens) = medium (requires proper glass screen technique, see instructions below)
  • Custom-fitted glass screens for the chamber are now available
  • Amount of vapor with wax = n/a
  • Amount of combustion (not using glass screens) = very high
  • Flavor of vapor = minimal

Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Use this portable pen-style device to smoke or vaporize dry herbs... Let's skip the formalities and get straight to the point, though: the heating chamber is HUGE. Apparently in the world of vaporizer pens and electronic pipes, size matters. And the 94F can boast about 2 pipe-sized bowls worth. Well... Suppose that depends on the bowl. Quote us on that for now, and then let us know if you beg to differ. That sounds fair.

Large chamber. Hot coils. Have fun.


What's Included With Each Kit:

The Standalone Attachment

If you already have a 510-thread battery and charger, and you're just adding to your collection, this option is for you. (And your collection just got better). Please note, the 94F is not designed for use with variable voltage batteries, though. Standard batteries work best.


  • Yocan 94F dry herb attachment
  • 3x total heating coils (one already connected and two spares)
  • 1x cleaning brush

Be sure to check our Dry Herb Grinder.


Add 3 glass screen vape filters

Include 3 glass screen filters custom-fitted to the 94F chamber. Glass screen filters helps transform the 94F from an electric combusting pipe into a portable vaporizer.

How to vaporizer using glass screens:

  1. Place 1-3 glass screens directly onto the heating coil (works best with 2).
  2. Grind your herbs and place a pinch or two onto the glass screen. Packing less herbs makes producing vapor quicker and easier.
  3. If you're using just 1 glass screen: Begin heating the chamber and start slowly inhaling almost immediately. If you wait too long, you may combust.
  4. If using 2-3 glass screens, you'll lessen the risk of combustion, but it increases how long you must heat the chamber.
  5. Continuously heat the chamber for 10-20 seconds. You must bypass your battery's automatic shut-off (which occurs after about 7 seconds) by releasing the power button just before the battery shuts off, then rapidly press and hold it again
  6. After about 20 seconds, slowly inhale. You should inhale vapor (which you can taste and see when exhaling)
  7. If you produce combusted smoke, try using more glass screens or powering the device for less time
  8. If you don't produce any vapor, try using less glass screens or powering the device for longer
  9. For help, check out the tutorial video below

Glass screen vape tutorial

Full, written guide to vaping with glass screen filters


Add battery and charger

If you're NOT the type of person that has spare 510-thread batteries littering your closets, this option is for you. Our batteries are longer lasting than most other shops, coming in at 1100 mAh vs 650. If that means nothing to you, that translates to roughly twice the usage time before you need to plug it in again.

To charge your battery, screw it onto the USB adapter and insert the USB plug into the wall charger. While the battery is charging, the USB light should be red. When the device is done charging (usually after 4-5 hours), the USB light will be green.

To turn your battery on and off, press the power button 5 times rapidly. Hold the power button to power your device.

3 glass screen vape filters + battery and charger

The whole shebang. If you're starting from scratch and need a battery, charger, and want to get more vapor vs smoke, this is the setup for you. Includes all of the above. (This is what most people buy, too, so safety in numbers).


Check out our review

Yocan 94F review


Why Choose the Yocan 94F?

1. Bigger, better hits with a high capacity heating chamber

This used to be #3, and I have no idea why--it's the most important.
Whenever anyone compliments this device, the first thing they mention is the size. The heating chamber is extremely large, meaning you can pack more herb (roughly two mid-sized glass bowl's worth). And thanks to the high power heating coils, it has no problem combusting or vaping. We're talking 10-15+  hits on a full pack!


2. Better quality, and more heating coils

The heating coils seem to get hotter and do a better job with large amounts of herbs, and you also get 3! Take care of them, and each coil can last for several weeks.


3. Repacking the chamber is built into the mouthpiece

The designers definitely put some thought into making it more convenient to pack the chamber between hits. All you need to do is press down the mouthpiece to push the herbs onto the coils and you're good to go.


4. Great value

For all the reasons above, we think this vaporizer pen goes above and beyond in terms of quality, reliability, and features.

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