Yellow Chameleon Glass Pipe

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The yellow chameleon glass pipe is one of the best spoon pipes in our store because of the color changing effects. It starts out looking like clear glass with yellow tints. By the time you've used it a dozen times, it should be looking super cool and stylish. Get one of these high-quality spoon pipes before we're sold out. 

Spoon Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Yellow Chameleon Glass Pipe

Features and Specifications 

  • The yellow chameleon glass pipe is a hand blown glass design
  • Thick Glass makes this pipe more durable 
  • The glass ring at the base of the bowl allows the user to have a strong and firm grip. 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Carb Hole is located on the left side 
  • Length - 4 inches 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use a Yellow Chameleon Glass Pipe

  • All you need to do is break up your dry herbs, pack the bowl, light it up and simultaneously inhale. It's that easy. To break up your dry herbs effectively, we suggest using an herb grinder. If you want to prevent ash from being sucked through, you should buy glass screens with the Yellow chameleon glass pipe. Lastly, when you're smoking your bowl, make sure you are covering the carb hole with your finger. When you feel you've inhaled enough smoke, then you release your finger from the carb and inhale the rest. As you keep using your spoon pipe, you'll get into a perfect rhythm with it.

How to clean a Yellow Chameleon Glass Pipe?

  • Cleaning the yellow chameleon glass pipe is very easy. The best way to clean it is by using 420 cleaner or a similar cleaning agent. 
  • The next best way to clean a yellow chameleon glass pipe is by using 90% isopropyl alcohol. It won't work as well as 420 cleaner, but it will definitely get the job done. 
  • If you don't want to use any type of cleaning agent, then we suggest placing the yellow chameleon glass pipe in a pot of boiling hot water. After 10 minutes in there, the residual dry herbs should loosen up, making it easy to scrub off the residue. You might not be able to take everything off. if that is the case, we suggest placing the glass pipe back in the pot of boiling water.

Why Buy a Yellow Chameleon Glass Pipe?

  • You must buy this yellow chameleon glass pipe because of the color changing effects. It looks like some yellow pipe at the beginning, but after extended use, you'll see the colors change over time. The designs are really beautiful. If you want another spoon pipe to add to the collection or are just in need of a new spoon pipe, get this now. We'll ship to you for free if you're in the US and we'll make sure to send it to you in discreet packaging. 

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