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This light-weight, easily portable pipe set is a friend to both the traveler and the homebody. It comes with a one-hitter pipe, a compartment for that pipe, and a compartment for your dry herbs, so you can easily have all of your smoking materials with you. It is available in three colors; blue, red, and black.

Turn Top Dugout Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Turn Top Dugout Box 
  • 1x Metal One Hitter Pipe 
  • Choice of Color and Other Add-On Options 

Features and Specifications 

  • Easy To Use 
  • Portable and Lightweight 
  • Wooden Dugout Box is handmade
  • Dugout Box has large herb storage capacity 
  • Metal One Hitter has great airflow and is easy to clean 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Turn Top Dugout Pipe

  • Grind your dry herb (this is particularly important for this kind of pipe), and place it into the dry herb storage container.
  • Take the included one-hitter pipe and, bowl first, push it into the dry herb compartment of the dugout. This will pack your pipe! You do not even need to touch the dry herb to do so with this set-up.
  • Light the pipe using wooden matches and start taking hits! Due to the size of the pipe (it is called a one-hitter, after all), you will only get a couple of hits out of it until you need to repack and relight.
  • If you are wanting to smoke more, simply dump the ash from the one-hitter pipe and repeat the above steps.

How to Clean a Turn Top Dugout Pipe

  • The case will not require special cleaning. In fact, using specialty cleaners or soaking can cause permanent damage to the wood. Discoloring is particularly at risk. If you want to make sure you hits keep tasting great, you will need to clean the one-hitter pipe on a regular basis. You can soak the pipe with a cleaner like 420 Cleaner, which is made specifically for pipes used in smoking dry herb. After it has soaked, make sure you rinse all of the cleaning solution off and allow it to dry. Then, return it to the pipe container of the dugout and twist the top closed.

Why Buy a Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe

  • This nifty pipe is incredibly convenient and easy to use. If you hate packing bowls, trying to smoke while traveling, or have a very limited window in which to smoke, this dugout pipe is an excellent solution. This pipe offers one of the easiest ways to enjoy dry herb smoking.