Spot Design Spoon Pipe

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The Spot Design Spoon Pipe is one of the best glass pipes because it can almost hit as hard as a mini bong. The large body helps create more smoke and the carb hole gives perfect airflow.  On top of that, the deep bowl design lets you pack large amounts of dry herbs. The smoking pipe designs look stylish too. 

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Spot Design Glass Spoon Pipe 

Features and Specifications 

  • Spoon Pipe is made of hand blown borosilicate glass 
  • Carb Hole design allows better airflow 
  • Comfortable Marble Grip 
  • Flute-style mouthpiece
  • Length - 5 inches 
  • Deep Glass Bowl Design lets you pack large amounts of dry herbs

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a Spot Design Spoon Pipe?

  • The spot spoon pipe is very easy to use. First, use an herb grinder to grind up the dry herbs. You can also use your hands to break it into small pieces. 
  • After you've ground up your dry herbs, you can start packing it into the spotted spoon pipe. 
  • Next, hold the spot design spoon pipe in your hand and make sure one of your fingers is covering the carb hole. 
  • Hold a lighter in your other hand and start lighting the corner of the bowl piece. Make sure you are simultaneously inhaling while the herbs are being heated. 
  • Once you feel like you've inhaled enough, release your finger from the carb hole and inhale the rest of the smoke. 
  • You can keep lighting your bowl until you've run out of dry herbs.

How to clean a Spot Design Spoon Pipe?

  • The spot design spoon pipe is actually very easy to clean. If you don't have any 420 cleaner, which we suggest you purchase, you can place the spoon pipe in boiling hot water and leave it in there for 10 minutes or so. It should loosen up the residual dry herbs. You may have to repeat the steps several times though. Another option is to use 90% isopropyl alcohol. 

Why buy the Spot Design Spoon Pipe?

  • The spot design spoon pipe is beautiful, easy to grip, and easy to use. It also has a deep enough bowl to pack an appreciable amount of dry herbs, allowing you to take more hits before re-packing.

How do I get the best hit out of my Spot Design Spoon Pipe?

  • Using a herb grinder to finely cut up your dry herbs, will allow you to take more effective hits. If you use your herb grinder very frequently, then you can even sprinkle some pollen on top of your glass bowl to get an even more potent hit. We also suggest buying a filter screen so that you can prevent any potential ash from going through the mouthpiece and into your mouth. This particular glass spoon pipe hits like a beast. So the more filtering you have the better

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