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These Badass Skull Bongs are super portable and easy to use. They are made of food-grade heat-resistant silicone that gives just as clean of a hit as a glass bong. The down stem is made of silicone too.  If you want to travel with your badass skull bong, you can snap it in half so that it fits into a small bag.  They're indestructible and super cool. Get one now before we run out.  

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Silicone Skull Bong 
  • 1x Silicone Down Stem 

Silicone Skull Bong Features and Specifications 

  • Skull Bong is made of thick and safe Food Grade Silicone
  • Skull Design makes this the best badass bong you can find
  • Bong can be broken down into two pieces, making it portable and easy to travel with.
  • Silicone down stem makes using this skull easier and completely indestructible.
  • Height - 11 inches
  • Interior Tube Diameter - 1.5 inches
  • Bong Base Diameter - 4.25 inches
  • Diameter of the Hole the down stem goes into - 0.75 inches 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use a Badass Silicone Skull Bong?

  1. It's very easy to use the silicone skull bong.  Snap the top part off so that you can fill the bottom base with water.  You will know that you filled the correct amount as long as the end of the down stem is under water.
  2. Place the top of the silicone skull bong back on.  Then you want to insert your silicone down stem.  Test the bong to make sure the airflow is going smoothly.
  3. If you have an herb grinder, grind up your dry herbs and then fill your bowl piece. If you don't have an herb grinder, you can break up the dry herbs with your fingers. Then pack the glass bowl.    
  4. Once all your dry herbs are packed, insert the bowl piece into the silicone down stem.  Fire up your lighter and while you're lighting the dry herbs, you want to simultaneously put your mouth to the skull bong and breathe in.  When you've sucked all the ash into the bong or you feel you've breathed in enough smoke, you can remove the bowl piece and inhale all the smoke.  
  5. When you finish using the silicone skull bong, all you need to do is make sure that your bowl piece is clean and you've emptied out all the water.  If there is still resin left over inside, make sure to clean it out with a clean sponge.  

How to Clean a Badass Silicone Skull Bong?

  • Cleaning a badass silicone skull bong is super easy. You can either clean it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand in the sink. If you want to use 420 cleaner or other cleaning agents, you can, but a dishwasher or hand wash should be sufficient enough. 

Why Buy a Badass Silicone Skull Bong?

  • Hands down this silicone skull bong is the coolest looking bong we've seen. There are other silicone bongs out there and we sell them too, but the Skull design is just super cool and the colors look stylish.  
  • Most people like this water bong so much because you can snap the skull bong into two pieces, making it super easy to pack it up in your carry on luggage or book bag.