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Silicone Downstems are one of the greatest inventions amongst bong and dab rig accessories. They are made of food grade silicone and are completely indestructible. It's heat resistant and will fit in any of our bongs and dab rigs for sale at Vape Vet Store. Get one of these downstems now and you won't be disappointed. 

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  • 1x Silicone Downstem

Features and Specifications

  • Downstem is made of Food-Grade Silicone
  • Can be used with Silicone or Glass Water Pipes
  • Heat-Resistant 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a Silicone Downstem?

  • Using a silicone downstem is really easy. Once you've added water to your bong or dab rig, you can slide your downstem in the fixture and then you're ready to use it. 

How to clean a silicone Downstem?

  • The quickest and easiest way to clean your downstem is by throwing it right into the dishwasher. If you do not own a dishwasher, then you can easily clean it with warm water and soap. Just make sure to rinse it several times with water afterward. 

Why Buy a Silicone Downstem?

  • The number one reason to buy a silicone downstem is it's indestructible and it will fit any bong we have for sale at Vape Vet Store. You can easily clean it in the dishwasher and you can buy them in a variety of colors too.