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TedrowGlass has come out with an upright designed Sherlock Pipes.  Each of these Sherlock pipes is a unique color and design.  We love carrying glass blowing artists' designs because they are handmade and replicas can't be purchased. The marbles are positioned in the perfect places so that it's easy for the hand pipe to stand upright and it's very convenient to hold in your hand and cover your finger around the carb hole. 

Tedrow Glass Sherlock Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Sherlock Glass Pipe by Tedrow Glass (Based in Ohio)

Features and Specifications

  • Sherlock Pipe was designed and made in Ohio, USA.  Visit @TedrowGlass to see his artwork more up close
  • High-Grade Borosilicate Glass is the material used to make these hand blown glass Sherlock pipes 
  • Color Changing Glass Features 
  • Carb Hole positioned close to the marble so it's easy to hold in your hand and cover the carb hole without an issue. 
  • Capable of standing upright on your desk
  • Quality Craftmanship and Design 
  • Height when standing upright - 3.5 inches 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Sherlock Glass Pipe by Tedrow Glass?

  • The Sherlock Glass Pipe made by TedrowGlass is one of the more convenient and easy to use Sherlock pipes.  The marbles are positioned on the glass perfectly so when you're not using it you can let it stand upright on the table.  If you are looking to use it, you can hold it comfortably in your hand and put your finger on the carb hole easily.
  • When using the Sherlock pipe, if you have an herb grinder available, grind up your dry herbs first.  Then you can pack your bowl and get the optimal taste. For those who enjoy using kief can sprinkle some on top too.
  • Hold the Sherlock pipe in one hand and a lighter in the other.  Then when it's time to light your hand pipe, light the corner of the bowl so that the next person can take a fresh green hit.  If you light the dry herbs over the center, the heat will spread all over and the next person won't get as flavorful a hit.
  • After you've taken your hit, use the opposite side of the lighter to put out the flame.  Then pass it to the person on your left or just give it to the person you're having a session with.

How to Clean a Sherlock Pipe by Tedrow Glass

  • Cleaning the Sherlock pipe by Tedrow Glass is super easy if you use 420 cleaner. It'll clean in minutes and then you'll be able to use a fresh new sherlock pipe again. As an alternative, you can clean the sherlock pipe in boiling hot water. Just keep in mind that this activity takes a lot longer and you will need q-tips and cleaning brushes on the inside. We suggest 420 cleaners so that it's more convenient. 

Why Should I buy a Sherlock Pipe by Tedrow Glass?

  • This American made Sherlock Pipe by TedrowGlass has a unique shape that's very beneficial to the user.  First, you can stand it upright so that your dry herbs don't fall out or spill your ash.  Second, the marbles are perfectly placed so that you can hold it very comfortably in your hand. Lastly, the carb hole is positioned perfectly for your finger.  That way you can have the ability to take super big hits out of it. This durable glass pipe can easily be cleaned too!

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