Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinder 38mm

Sharpstone Grinders are arguably the top branded grinders on the market. This 4 piece grinder with razor sharp teeth has a diameter of 38mm and comes with a kief catcher. This size is perfect for carrying around with you and easy to use. 

Listing Includes

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  • 1x Sharpstone 4 Piece Herb Grinder with a Kief Catcher 
  • 1x Kief Scraper 

Features and Specifications 

  • Herb Grinder is made of an aircraft aluminum rod using the newest in CNC machining technology.

  • Grinder is anodized with a smooth finish

  • Grinder Teeth are razor sharp
  • Diameter - 38mm

  • Height - 38.1mm

  • Grinder comes with top of the line kief catcher

  • Kief Scraper helps with handling kief

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Buy a 38mm Sharpstone 4 Piece Herb Grinder?

  • Herb Grinders are great to use with dry herb vaporizers and hand pipes. The 38mm Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinder is small, compact and easy to use. It' grinds the dry herbs finely and lets you get optimal vapor when using a dry herb vaporizer. If you like to travel with an herb grinder, then this size is perfect for you. 

How to use a Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinder?

  • Using a Sharpstone 4 piece grinder is very easy. First, load your dry herbs into the teeth of the grinder. Take the cover of the grinder and press it down so it comes to a full close. 
  • Next, continuously turn the top of the grinder until it feels like you can't grind anything. (That means all your herbs are ground up and into the storage compartment. 
  • Screw off the teeth section and your dry herbs are ready to be loaded into a vaporizer or hand pipe. 
  • If you want to collect more kief, we suggest tapping the grinder on a table to left the kief fall through the filter mesh screens. 
  • If you want to use any kief, unscrew the very bottom piece and carefully place it on a table.  Use a kief scraper to collect more kief. 

How to Clean a Sharpstone 4 Piece Grinder?

  • The best way to clean a 4 piece Sharpstone Grinder is to first remove all residual dry herbs and kief. Make sure you scrape out as much as you can. Next, you can put the grinder in a pot of boiling hot water. That should loosen up any residue stuck in the corners or mesh filter screen. After you take the Sharpstone out. Use a cleaning brush to remove residue. Be super careful with the mesh screen. Afterwards, rinse and let everything dry before using again. 
  • If you plan to use any cleaning agent, such as isopropyl alcohol, make sure to rinse the grinder thoroughly. Just BE CAREFUL with the mesh screen when cleaning.