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This rasta chameleon glass pipe is made of color changing hand-blown borosilicate glass. The thick glass makes this spoon pipe very durable.  You can keep this powerful hand pipe at home or take it with you on the road. Get them now so you can watch this chameleon glass pipe change colors as you keep smoking it. FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED! 

Spoon Pipe Listing Includes

  • Free US Shipping – International Shipping Available
  • 1x Rasta Colored Chameleon Glass Pipe

Features and Specifications

  • Spoon Design Hand Pipe
  • Chameleon Glass has Color changing effects
  • Length –
  • Carb hole positioned on the left side
  • Hand Pipe is made of high grade borosilicate glass

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe

  • It's very easy to use a Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe. First, you need to break up your dry herbs. You can use an herb grinder or your fingers to break up the buds. Next, pack your bowl. If you want to prevent any ash from being sucked through, then buy some extra glass screens from our store. After you pack your herbs, you can hold the spoon pipe in your hand while covering the carb hole with one of your fingers. With your other hand heat your bowl while simultaneously inhaling. Once you feel enough smoke is in the pipe, you can release your finger from the carb hole and inhale the rest of the smoke. Some people will release their finger and put their finger back over the carb hole to get more smoke from the pipe. You can do that too if you're more advanced at smoking bowls. 

How to Clean a Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe

  • If you have 420 cleaner, then you can clean your Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe in minutes. If you don't have any 420 cleaner, then buy some from our store so you can clean conveniently. If you want to save money, then we suggest leaving the spoon pipe in a pot of boiling hot water. After several minutes the resin should loosen up so that you can use a q-tip and/or cleaning brush to scrape off the resin on the inside. Keep putting the pipe back in the pot of boiling hot water if there are areas with too much resin stuck to the glass. 

Why Buy a Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe?

  • There are two reasons people buy our Rasta Chameleon Glass Pipe. The first reason is that it’s made of thick high grade borosilicate glass. We’ve thrown ours across the room and it won’t break.  It’s practically indestructible.  The second reason is that the color changing effects make this pipe super trippy!

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