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Our Octopus Chilum Pipes are uniquely designed glass chillum pipes. The airflow is excellent and easy to use. Amongst all of our chillum pipes, our customers like this the most because it's unique and looks like a piece of glass art when it's standing upright. Get this hand blown glass chillum pipe before we run out. 

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Octopus Chillum Pipe 

Features and Specifications

  • Octopus Chillum Pipe is made of high-grade borosilicate glass
  • Excellent Airflow 
  • Carefully Wrapped in Discreet Packaging 
  • Easy to Use 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Octopus Chillum Pipe?

  • Chillum pipes are super easy to use. First, you need to use an herb grinder to grind up your dry herbs or break them up finely with your fingers. 
  • After you grind up your dry herbs, you can load your Octopus Chillum Pipe. Hold the chillum in one hand and a lighter in another hand. 
  • Light the Octopus Chillum pipe as if you're lighting a cigarette. Inhale until you can't inhale anymore.  
  • Exhale and then keep going until you run out of dry herbs.

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