Morton Salt Stash Container

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The Morton Salt Stash Container is one of the most discreet products for hiding your valuables such as your shatter, sour diesel, vaporizers, oil cartridges, and money. After you hide your belongings, put the Morton Salt Container in your spice cabinet behind everything and no one will know you have something hiding inside. 

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  • 1x Morton Salt Stash Container 

Features and Specifications 

  • Morton Salt Stash Container is very Discreet
  • Can easily be mistaken for a real container of salt. 
  • You can store all kinds of small valuables in the container, such as jewelry, money, vaporizers, dry herbs, wax, and oil cartridges. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

    How to Use a Morton Salt Stash Container?

    • Morton Salt Stash Containers are easy to use. Screw off the bottom cap of the container and then you can store anything you'd like inside. Make sure to screw the cap back on and then you can hide your container of Morton Salt anywhere. 


    • Simply wipe out the inside of your stash container with a towel/paper towel with some cleaner on it such as lysol. Then wipe it dry.

    Why Buy A Morton Salt Stash Container?

    • If you don't have a good hiding place at home, the Morton Salt Stash Container is a great find then.  You can store a lot of your small valuables, such as vapes, oil cartridges, shatter, money, and jewelry. This stash container looks exactly like an authentic container of Morton Salt. Put it in the back of your spice cabinet and nobody will know what's inside. 


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