Micro Vape Pens For Wax

Vape Kit Options

Our Micro Vape Pen for wax kits are very popular dab pens in our store.  These vapes come equipped with ceramic rod vape coils that make your shatter taste super fresh and pure.  Check out our options below and see which color or vape kit option suits you the best.   

All Micro Vape Kits Include

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Vape Kit Option Details

  1. Micro Vape Wax Coil Kit - 1x Black and Blue Camo Vape Pen equipped with a ceramic wax coil, 3x additional wax coils, 1x Dab Tool, 5x Mouthpiece Protection Sleeves, 1x USB Cable, 1x A/C wall charger, and 1x Protective Box
  2. Pink - 2x Pink Vape Pens, 1x Dab Container, 1x Dab Tool, 5x Mouthpiece Protection Sleeves, 1x USB Cable, 1x A/C wall charger, 1x User Manual, and 1x Protective Box. 
  3. Gold Pink - 1x Pink Vape Pen, 1x Gold Vape Pen, 1x Dab Container, 1x Dab Tool, 5 Mouthpiece Protection Sleeves, 1x USB Cable, 1x A/C wall charger, 1x User Manual, and 1x Protective Box. 
  4. White Blemish Green - 1x White Blemish Vape Pen, 1x Green Vape Pen, 1x Dab Container, 1x Dab Tool, 5x Mouthpiece Protection Sleeves, 1x USB Cable, 1x A/C wall charger, 1x User Manual, and 1x Protective Box.
    • ***Please NOTE that The White blemish vape pen has a small marking here and there. This is still a brand new and unused vape. The vape functions are in perfect shape. 

      Features and Specifications

      • Used for vaping wax, shatter, or crumble
      • Portable and easy to use
      • Ceramic rod vape coils make your concentrates taste fresh and pure
      • Battery Info – 360mah Lithium-ion battery
      • 5 Click Safety Feature
      • Power shuts off after 8 seconds of use to ensure safety.
      • Only 4 inches tall, easily fits in your pocket, very discreet
      • Vapor Cloud Level - medium
      • All Vape Parts are compatible with the original Micro G Pen, Cloud Vape, and Atmos Thermo

      Vape Review Video 

        Frequently Asked Questions 

        How to use the Micro Vape Pen For Wax

        • The Micro Vape Pen comes with a safety lock feature to prevent the vaporizer from going off while in your pocket or bag. To turn the vaporizer on/off, press the power button 5 times consecutively.
        • Once the vape pen is turned on, make sure your vape coil is firmly pressed into the battery.
        • Next, press and hold down the power button to make sure your vape coil heats up.  If you're using a coil that’s already been used, make sure to heat up your coil so that it burns off the residual shatter or wax.  
        • Once you've done your quick check, grab your dab tool and scoop a small amount of shatter or wax from your silicone storage container. Gently place it in the wax coil.  Make sure NOT to over-pack your vape coils.  You can easily burn it out or it'll just get too clogged and messy. Another thing to NOTE is to make sure not to poke at the coil because you can damage it and it'll break. 
        • After loading your shatter or wax in the coil put the mouthpiece over the coil and hold your micro vape in a vertical upright position. 
        • Finally, press and hold down the power button. Wait 2 seconds and begin vaping your portable wax pen.   

        How to Charge a Micro Vape Pen For Wax

        • Plug your micro USB plug into your battery.
        • Next, plug the other end of the USB charger into an A/C wall adapter, a power bank, or your computer.
        • When the battery has been plugged in properly, the red light next to the charging port will turn on.
        • Once fully charged, the light with shut off and the battery should be unplugged immediately as well as the charger unplugged from the power source. Charging time usually takes around three hours.
        • Always store your battery in a cool, dry place for optimal use and life.

         How to Clean a Micro Vape Pen For Wax

        • YOU MUST make sure to BE CAREFUL when cleaning your micro vape pen.  The best way to clean the vape coils is to continuously heat your coils so it burns off the residual shatter or wax.  
        • Over time, there will be some residue that's hard to burn off.  At that moment, you can decide to buy a new vape coil or keep using the current one, but UNDERSTAND that the coil won't produce the most optimal taste.  That's just the way it is with wax vape pens.  
        • Cleaning your mouthpiece is pretty easy. You can use a rag or Q-TIP to wipe away the residue.  You can also use rubbing alcohol, but if you use that, make sure to rinse the mouthpiece afterward and let it air dry.  

        Which Vape Parts Need to be Replaced the Most?

        • For daily users, you should EXPECT to be buying new wax coils every few months. Our vape coils are top quality and don't burn out easily, but we've noticed customers wanting to buy new wax coils because they want to have a fresher taste.  The speed of residue build-up depends on three things:
          • How often you’re using your vape pen
          • What quality of shatter you're using. If you’re vaping low quality concentrates, the residue might give off a bad taste the next time you use your vape pen while also creating residue build-up at a faster pace.
          • How often you're burning off all the residue after a vape session.  
        • Another vape part that is commonly replaced is the mouthpiece.  We've had many customers buy new mouthpieces because they are getting too much residue or gunk inside them, making it very sticky and messy.  Some people don't mind it or just clean it, but there are many people that just buy a new mouthpiece. If you want to prevent your mouthpiece from getting too much gunk inside, make sure you’re always holding your micro vape pen in a vertical upright position.  If you lay it down on its side right after you use it, you’re running the risk of wax oozing out into the mouthpiece.  Don't leave your vape pen out in the warm sunny weather either.     

        What Is the Difference Between Wick, Ceramic, and Quartz Vape Coils?

        • Wick coils were the original design of wax vape pens such as the Original Micro G pen, Atmos Thermo, and Cloud Vape. It was the first time people were able to use their vape pen as a portable dabber.  After a while, many customers began complaining that the wick is affecting the true flavor of shatter or wax; almost like it had a chemical taste.
        • The next wax coil material that became very popular were ceramic rod coils, which replaced wick coils. People still use them today because it makes your shatter or wax taste very fresh and pure.  Ceramic Coils heat up very quickly and it can retain heat for the longest period of time when you compare ceramic to both wick and quartz. 
        • The newest wax coil to come out was the quartz rod coil. Quartz coils definitely provide the freshest taste amongst all micro vape coils, however, when comparing it to ceramic rod coils, it takes longer to heat and the heat retention is lower.

        What if My Micro Vape Battery Blinks 3 Times?

        • This rarely happens with micro vape pens, but in the event, this happens, it means you're having a short circuit issue, which in turn means that there's a connection problem between the atomizer and battery. 
        • Make sure that the connection points of the battery and atomizer are free of debris. If your battery still blinks 3 times, then try using a different coil. If the blinking issue stops then the short circuit issue is a problem with the coil. If the battery blinks three times with all your coils, then it's an issue with the battery. 
        • Once you have identified the short circuit problem, feel free to reach out to our support and send us a video of the issue and we'll make sure to handle the issue accordingly. 

        Why Buy the Micro Vape Pen for Wax?

        • The ceramic rod coils help pull a delicious taste from your concentrates and the portability of this vape is unmatched. Because of its small size and portability, it's also super discreet and convenient for when you're trying to vape in public.