Medusa Spoon Pipe

The Medusa Glass Spoon Pipe comes in 5 colors and is really easy to hold in your hand. This spoon pipe is carefully packed in bubble wrapped packaging. The carb hole is located on the left side and it has great airflow. 

 Listing Includes

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  • 1x Medusa Glass Spoon Pipe 

Features & Specifications 

  • Medusa Spoon Pipe is made of hand blown borosilicate glass
  • Thick, durable, and Discreet
  • Carb Hole located on the left side
  • Carefully wrapped in discreet packaging 
  • Measurements - 4 inches 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Medusa Glass Spoon Pipe?

  1. The Medusa Glass Spoon Pipe is very easy to use. First, grind up your dry herbs with an herb grinder or use your fingers to break it up into fine pieces. 
  2. Load your dry herbs into the spoon pipe. Use or thumb or index finger (depending on which hand you use) to cover the carb hole while holding it in your hand. 
  3. Hold a lighter in your other hand and begin lighting the corner of the bowl. Simultaneously inhale as it's lighting. Once you feel you've inhaled enough, you may release your finger from the carb hole and breathe the rest of the smoke in. 
  4. Continue these steps until you've run out of herbs. Then you can repack your Medusa glass pipe and continue. 

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