Marble Grip Squiggly Spoon Pipe

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The marble grip squiggly spoon pipe is a beautifully designed hand blown glass pipe. It's 5 inches long and has color changing effects. The marbles were designed to make the spoon pipe easier and comfortable to hold in your hand. These stylish spoon pipes come in 3 colors too!

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  • 1x Marble Grip Squiggly Spoon Pipe 

Features and Specifications

  • Marble Grip Squiggly Spoon Pipe is made of high-grade borosilicate class. 
  • Thick Glass makes this spoon pipe more durable
  • Glass has color changing effects 
  • Marble Grip helps make holding the spoon pipe more comfortable
  • Carb Hole Located on the Left Side 
  • Easy to Use  
  • Carefully wrapped in Discreet packaging
  • Length - 5 inches 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy a Marble Grip Squiggly Spoon Pipe?

  • If you like to hold a larger spoon pipe in your hand, then this is the spoon pipe for you. The marble grip helps you hold the spoon pipe firmly in your hand. On top of that, there are color changing effects everytime you use this glass poon pipe. Get one now before we run out. 

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