Marble Covered Glass Hand Pipe

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This marble covered glass hand pipe is a bit heavier than other glass pipes we carry, but it's nearly indestructible.  The marbles on this hand blown glass spoon pipe create excellent grip and the glass pipe itself has top of the line airflow so that you can take huge hits from it.  If you're looking for a glass spoon pipe that is a little heavy, indestructible,  made of high-quality hand blown glass and hits like a champ, then this marble covered spoon pipe is the right piece for you.  

Glass Pipe Listing Includes

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  • 1x Marble Covered Hand Blown Glass Spoon Pipe

Features and Specifications

  • Marble Covered Spoon Pipe is made of high-grade borosilicate glass
  • Marble bumps around the hand pipe give the user a comfortable grip when they smoke this glass pipe.
  • Hand Blown Glass is color changing meaning that over time as you smoke the marble covered glass pipe, it'll change into really cool colors.  
  • Spoon Pipe Length - 4.5 inches long 
  • Carb Hole is conveniently positioned on the left side of the glass bowl 
  • Easy to Clean and never clogs (unless you've used it over 100 times without cleaning.)
  • The holes on the mouthpiece and carb are wide which will allow you to take big milky hits.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a marble covered glass hand pipe

  • Using this marble-covered glass hand pipe is super easy. First, break up your dry herbs with your fingers or use an herb grinder to break it up into finer pieces. Next, pack the bowl with your herbs. If you want to prevent the ash from being sucked through, buy some glass screens from our online store. After you pack your herbs, hold the spoon pipe in your hand and make sure to use one of your fingers to cover the carb hole. With the other hand, use a lighter to heat the dry herbs. Simultaneously inhale while heating the herbs and release your finger from the carb hole. Keep inhaling after you release your finger. 

How to clean a marble covered glass hand pipe

  • It's super easy to clean the marble covered glass hand pipe.  If you want to take the easy route, you can use 420 cleaner or 91% isopropyl alcohol and soak the marble covered glass hand pipe in a bag or bowl of it.  
  • If you are going for a cheaper solution to cleaning the glass pipe, then we suggest boiling a pot of water.  Then place your marble covered glass hand pipe in the pot and leave it in there soaking for ten minutes.  When you take out the glass pipe, make sure to have a Q-tip with you so that you can clean out all the resin inside the pipe.  If you can't get to certain spots after awhile, then you might need to put the marble covered glass hand pipe back into the pot of boiling water.  Keep repeating the same steps until you have a fully clean marble covered glass hand pipe.  

Why buy a marble covered glass hand pipe?

  • There are several reasons why you should buy this marble covered glass hand pipe.  First is that it's indestructible.  This spoon pipe is made of very thick hand blown glass.  You can throw this glass pipe across the room and it won't break. The second reason is that the marbles covering the spoon pipe are great for creating a comfortable fit.  Lastly, the carb hole is positioned perfectly and the wide air ways allow this glass bowl to give you super powerful and milky hits. 

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