Glass Globe Vape Pen Kit

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The Glass Globe Vape Pen for wax comes with pancake shaped vape coils.  It’s small, discreet and a great quality wax vape pen.  The coils are replaceable and are compatible with any 510 thread vape pen battery.  Enjoy taking big and smooth hits of vapor using this cool glass globe vape pen. 

Kit Includes

            1x Metal Mouthpiece

            1x Glass Globe

            1x 510 thread battery

            1x usb charger

            1x Glass dab container

            1x Stainless Steel Dab Tool

Features & Specifications

            Vape Pen for Wax use

            650mah lithium ion battery is long lasting

            510 thread battery is NOT Atmos Threaded

            Glass Globe provides bigger and smoother vape hits

            Coil Type – Pancake Style

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Glass Globe Vape Pen            

            Using your dab tool, scoop a small piece of shatter or wax.

            Detach the glass globe from the vape coil adapter

            Gently place your shatter or wax into the coil.

            Attach the glass globe to the coil adapter

            Click the power button five times consecutively to turn the vape pen on/off

     Press and hold down the power button.  After 2 seconds, begin vaping your          vape pen

How to Charge the Glass Globe vape pen

            Unscrew the battery from the vape coil

            Take the battery and screw it into the USB charger

            Plug the USB charger into a wall adapter plug, your computer, or any other                   device that allows you to use a USB to charge electronics.

            While your vape battery is charging, the light on the USB will stay the color red.

            Charge your vape battery for 3 hours or until your USB charger turns the color               green.

How to Clean your Glass Globe Vape Pen

            Remove your Glass globe from the vape coil adapter

            Put the glass globe in a boiling pot of water.  That will loosen up the residual                 shatter or wax so that you can easily scrape it off.  You can use a Q-TIP or                     cleaning brush to remove the residual wax.

            After you’ve fully cleaned the glass globe, the next step is to keep heating up                 the vape pen so you can burn off all the residual wax on the vape coil.  Once                 there is no vapor left, the pen is ready for a new batch of shatter or wax. 

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