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One of the most mythical dab rigs you will find, this dragon dab rig truly is a work of art. Sporting three massive dragon claws, this piece not only serves as a high-quality dab rig but also a potential centerpiece of your dab rig collection. With a matching dragon claw bowl piece available, this may be your most fearsome dab rig yet.

Glass Dragon Dab Rig Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Glass Dragon Dab Rig 
  • Choice of Add-On Options 

Features and Specifications 

  • Dab Rig is made of handblown borosilicate glass
  • Heady Glass Design 
  • Cheech Brand is owned by the Cheech character in the famous movie series called Cheech and Chong.  
  • Excellent addition to anyone's Glass Pipe collection 
  • Height of Dab Rig is 9 Inches Tall 
  • Diameter of Rig Base is 4 inches wide

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Glass Dragon Dab Rig by Cheech Glass

  • First things first, make sure you have water in the dab rig. Taking a dry hit is not going to feel great, especially when you are expecting a cool, smooth hit.
  • You need to heat the dab nail. To produce vapor, it needs to get super hot, so we recommend a hand torch to get the job done well. How long you heat the dab nail will vary depending on what your dab nail is made out of. Ceramic dab nails show no indication of heat, so you will need to apply flame for at least several minutes. Quartz and titanium, on the other hand, will glow red hot, letting you know they are ready. If this sounds like a chore, you could always use an e-nail, which simply requires that you turn it on to whatever temperature settings you want.
  • Now the dab nails are piping hot, but you need to be sure to let them cool for about 30-45 seconds. You do not want to scorch your wax or oil concentrate because that flavor is displeasing, to say the least. Again, if this sounds like a chore, e-nails avoid this step entirely.
  • Once you have let your dab nail cool, now is the time to apply your concentrate. Be sure to use a dab tool to keep you from getting burnt. Apply the concentrate to the inside of the dab nail, making sure to smooth out the application with the dab tool. This will help you from overcooking your wax or oil.
  • Now you gotta take a hit! When you draw the vapor in being produced, you should see bubbles form inside the dab rig. Once your dab rig is filled with vapor, take a draw of however much you want. How much or how little vapor produce depends on how much concentrate you ended up using.
  • If you want to dab more concentrate, make sure your dab nail is at the right temperature. You may need to reheat it to be certain. Once you have, apply the concentrate to the nail and continue dabbing! 

How to Clean a Glass Dragon Dab Rig by Cheech Glass

  • You gotta soak it! Soaking will take care of all but the most stubborn stains (which you should not have if you are cleaning your dab rig regularly). Cleaner 420 is a fabulous product that will get your dab rig looking great! If that is not available, a good alternative is isopropyl alcohol.

Why Buy a Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig

  • Because it is going to be the coolest looking dab rig you have ever bought, of course. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none when it comes to design. Of course, this high-quality dab rig will be sure to last you years to come as long as you treat it right, making another great reason to buy it.



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