Glass Bowl 14mm Male Attachment - Fire

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Our Glass Bowl Male Attachment Fire Series is a 14mm male adapter to any type of 14mm female down-stem you have.  This piece is made by a hand blown glass artist in the USA and has excellent airflow.  

Listing Includes

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  • 1x Glass Bowl 14mm male Attachment - Fire

Features and Specifications

  • 14mm joint
  • male joint 
  • Thick Glass Bowl to increase durability and longevity 
  • Deep and Wide Bowl to allow for a lot of dry herbs to be packed at one time
  • Colored Glass to provide a unique and aesthetic appearance 
  • Excellent Airflow 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Glass Bowl Male Adapter?

  • For those who are new users, a glass bowl male adapter is a piece that you would attach to a bong, bubbler or any other glass pipe that has a female joint down stem so that you can fit the glass bowl attachment in there.  Once you place in the glass pipe you can begin smoking out of it.  Keep in mind that these glass bowl male adapters come in many different sizes and you also have glass bowl female adapters too.  For this listing, our Glass Bowl Male Adapter River Series is a 14mm male adapter, which means it only fits a 14mm female down stem joint.     

How do I use the Glass Bowl Male Adapter?

  • Using a glass bowl male adapter is really easy.  All you need to do is find a glass pipe that has a female down stem that's the same size as your male adapter. Connect it to the down stem.  Pack the glass bowl with dry herbs and then begin lighting it.  Some people like to light the corners of the bowl so that the second person gets a green hit.  It's entirely up to you, though.  Most of them time after you've gotten a bunch of smoke build up in your bong or bubbler, you need to pull out your glass bowl adapter so that you can inhale all the smoke build up.  Once you're done, you put it back into the down stem.  

How do I clean a Glass Bowl Male Adapter?

  • Cleaning a glass bowl male adapter is really easy.  After emptying out your final hit before cleaning, you can do two things.  First, you can put the glass piece in boiling hot water and leave it in there for several minutes to loosen up the dry herb residue.  Then take it out and use a Q-TIP to clean the insides.  The second method would be to buy some 420 cleaning and pour it into a small Ziploc bag.  Then put your glass bowl male adapter in there and you're all set. Shake it around the bag. Rinse it out and it's good as new.