Double Percolator Bong By Cheech Glass

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Double Percolator Bongs provide the smoothest hits due to the extra water filtration. Check out this Cheech Glass double percolator bong and add it to your smoking pipe collection. 

Double Percolator Bong Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Glass Bong 
  • 1x Glass Downstem

Features and Specifications 

  • Double Percolation provides extra water filtration for smoother hits. 
  • Domeless Nails Can work with this Glass Bong for dabbing
  • Downstem provides extra water filtration 
  • Ice Catcher allows for cooler and smoother hits. 
  • Height is 15.5 Inches 
  • Diameter is 5.25 inches wide 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Double Percolator Bong?

  • Using a double percolator bong isn't as intimidating as it seems. First, you need to fill the bottom of the bong with water. Make sure the water level is a little above the bottom of the downstem. 
  • After the bottom of the glass bong is filled with water, add more water through the mouthpiece tube. You'll see the percolator section fill with water. Make sure that the percolator is filled halfway with water. 
  • Use a 4 piece grinder to grind up your herb material. Then add your herbs to the bong bowl. If you want to prevent herbs from being sucked through your bong bowl, buy glass screens to go with the bong. 
  • Add a few ice cubes to the top of your bong. 
  • Use a lighter to heat your dry herbs. Make sure you are simultaneously inhaling while heating the herbs. When you feel like you're ready to inhale all the smoke, remove the bong bowl from the bong and inhale. 
  • Keep repeating the same steps until all the dry herbs have been combusted into ash. 

How to Clean a Doube Percolator Bong?

  • Anyone that has owned a glass bong for a long time will tell you it's a pain to clean a glass bong, especially a double percolator bong. We strongly suggest you buying 420 cleaner to clean out your glass bong. It will clean your bong in seconds. 

Why Buy a Double Percolator Bong by Cheech Glass?

  • This answer is simple. Double percolation equals double water filtration. If you buy this bong, you will take the smoothest hits. With the ice catcher, it's even smoother. Cheech Glass are excellent quality and a great addition to anyone's collection. Buy one today and get FREE US SHIPPING!