Cool Bong Bowl Piece

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This cool bong bowl piece fits in all of our silicone bongs and dab rigs. The size is 14mm and you can pack large amounts of dry herbs in there. Rather than buy one of those clear bong bowls, step up your game and get this stylish bluish bong bowl piece. 

Hand Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Cool Bong Bowl Piece 

Features and Specifications

  • Custom Hand Blown Glass 
  • Made of High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Color - Bluish with some Green Color patterns 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Measurements - 2.5 inches tall
  • Bowl Size - Can fit large amounts of dry herbs  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a Cool Bong Bowl Piece?

  • These cool bong bowl pieces are very easy to use. If you own one of our silicone bongs or dab rigs, it will fit right into one of them. After you know the bong bowl piece fits, you need to use an herb grinder or your fingers to grind up the herbs. Once they are ground up, you can put the dry herbs in the cool bong bowl piece. 
  • Make sure your bong or dab rig is filled with water. Make sure the water is above the downstem by roughly half an inch. 
  • Use a lighter to light the corner of the cool bong bowl piece. Make sure your mouth is on the mouthpiece and you are simultaneously inhaling. After a few seconds, remove the cool bong bowl piece and breathe the rest in. 
  • Continue repeating these steps until you run out. 

How to Clean a Cool Bong Bowl Piece?

  • It's quite easy to clean this cool bong bowl piece because it's a lot smaller than a spoon pipe or sherlock pipe. You can use 420 cleaner to clean it in minutes. If you want to wash it with water, then use a pot of boiling hot water to remove the resin. Then use a qtip or cleaning brush to remove any other herb particles. It'll take longer, but you should be able to successfully clean it with water if you prefer to do that. 

Why Buy a Cool Bong Bowl Piece?

  • If you own a bong that is a simple clear color, then this cool bong bowl piece will give it more style. If you have a more artistic one then this piece will complement well too. Overall, it's got a deep bowl and a beautiful design. Get one today before we sell out.