Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong

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The Mushroom bong is a uniquely designed water pipe. The three mushrooms on the outside are beautifully designed. This cool badass bong is trippy looking and comes with an ice catcher for cool and smooth hits. 

Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Glass Cheech Bong 
  • 1x Glass Downstem 
  • Choice of add-on options

Features and Specifications 

  • Heady Glass 
  • Bong made of hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Bong can be used with Domeless Nails for Dabbing Wax 
  • Glass Downstem has holes to provide better water filtration
  • Ice Catcher provides cooler and smoother airflow while inhaling smoke 
  • Height is 13.5 inches tall 
  • Diameter is 5.25 inches wide 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong 

  • The Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong could be used just like any other bong. First, fill the bong pipe with water. Make sure the water level is above the bottom of the downstem. 
  • Use a 2 Piece or 4 Piece grinder to grind up your dry herbs. If you don't have a grinder, you could always use your fingers. To prevent the herbs from being sucked through the bong bowl, you could use glass screens.  
  • Add ice to the bong tube so that you can give cooler and smoother hits. 
  • Heat the bong bowl with a lighter and simultaneously inhale. When you are ready to clear the smoke-filled bong, remove the bong bowl and inhale all the smoke. 
  • Keep repeating these steps until you've combusted all your dry herbs. 

How to Clean a Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong 

  • Cleaning the Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong is easier than you think. All you need to do is use a cleaning solution, such as 420 cleaner and then you're good to go. You could try alternative methods such as hot water or isopropyl alcohol, but it will take a lot longer to complete the task. 

Why Buy a Cheech Glass Mushroom Bong

  • The Cheech Glass Mushroom bong is one piece of nice heady glass. This unique looking bong goes well with any psychedelic or glass pipe collection. Having the ice catcher makes this cool beaker bottom bong a great water pipe to buy.