Blue Spiral Chillum Pipe

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The Blue Spiral Chillum Pipe is made of borosilicate glass and has been hand blown by one of the top glass artists in the US. Many people refer to this piece as a "one-hitter". The glass is color changing.  So over time, you will see pretty new blue colors. Chillum Pipes are very easy to use.  All you need to do is load your dry herbs in the chamber, light it as if you were about to smoke a blunt or joint and begin inhaling. It's discreet and hits like a beast.  

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  • 1x Blue Spiral Chillum Pipe

Features and Specifications

  • Glass Chillum Pipe is Made in America 
  • Chillum is made of hand blown glass
  • Colors of the Chillum will change as you continue to use it
  • Excellent Airflow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blue spiral chillum pipe? 

  • chillum pipes have been used since the 18th century.  They used to be made out of clay, but it is now made of borosilicate glass.  Our Chillum is a hand blown glass pipe that functions like a "one hitter."  Instead of buying a glass spoon pipe (standard looking glass pipe), people rather use a glass piece that is more discreet and use it in a way where it looks like you're about to smoke a joint or blunt. 

How do I use a chillum pipe?

  • Using our blue spiral chillum pipe is very easy.  First,  you want to break up pieces of your dry herb and pack the bowl end of the hand pipe.  After you pack the bowl, you need to light it as if you were about to smoke a blunt or joint.  Once you light up the bowl side of the chillum, begin inhaling and take a hit.  You don't need to breathe in too hard.  Otherwise, you will suck in the residual dry herb material.     

How do I clean the blue spiral chillum pipe?

  • There are a couple ways you can clean a chillum.  First, is to put the chillum in boiling hot water and leave it in there for several minutes.  After you take it out, you can use Q-TIPS to scrub off the resin.  Another easy, but more expensive way to clean a chillum is by using 420 cleaner.  Just put your chillum in a Ziploc bag with 420 cleaner in it and then shake the bag and you'll see your chillum glass pipe become super clean.  Rinse everything out with water and it'll look as good as new.

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