African Rosewood Dugout Pipes - Made in the USA

Dugout Pipe Options

This gorgeous Rosewood dugout set-up is complete with a compartment for dry herbs and a standard one-hitter pipe. The top is on a swivel, giving easy access to both the storage area of the pipe and dry herb.

African Rosewood Dugout Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Wooden Dugout Box 
  • 1x One-Hitter Pipe 
  • Choice of dugout box and add-on options 

Features and Specifications

  • Super Portable and Easy to Travel With 
  • Dugout Box is hand made in the USA by Keystoned Plus
  • Dugout Box is milled from wood in the US
  • Wood Grains and Finish can vary slightly for each dugout box 
  • One Hitter Pipe has great airflow 
  • Dugout Box has a large storage capacity 
  • Dugout Box is 4 inches Tall 
  • Dugout Box is 1 7/8 inches wide 
  • Dugout Box has 5/8 inches of depth  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use an African Rosewood Dugout pipe

  • Before placing dry herbs into the storage compartment, you need to grand them. This will optimize them for use in the one-hitter pipe.
  • Once the dry herbs are ground and in their storage container, take the pipe and push it bowl-side first into the dry herb compartment. This will pack the pipe, preparing it for use.
  • With the pipe packed, apply flame to the bowl-end of the pipe. We recommend wooden matches for optimal flavor.
  • Once lit, take a hit! The one-hitter, as its name suggests, will only provide a few hits. If you want to smoke more, clear the ash from the pipe and repeat the above steps.

How to Clean an African Rosewood Dugout Pipe

  • The case portion of this dugout pipe does not need to be cleaned. In fact, we recommend you do NOT soak it. You can, however, use a cloth or cotton swab to occasionally wipe away any residue that may be present. The one-hitter will need to be cleaned, and soaking is the ideal method. 420 Cleaner is an optical cleaning solution for this process, though isopropyl alcohol can also work in a bind. After soaking the one-hitter pipe, rinse it and let it dry. It is now ready to be used again.

Why Buy an African Rosewood Dugout Pipe

  • The craftsmanship of this dugout pipe is incredibly high. It is stained beautifully and, if treated well, will be a centerpiece to your pipe collection for a long time. It is also quick and convenient to use, making it a great travel companion or simply if you want a quick smoke.