420 Cleaner

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420 Cleaner is the easiest cleaning agent to use with your glass pipes, such as spoon pipes, bongs, dab rigs, chillums, and sherlock pipes. All you need to do is put your glass pipe in a ziplock bag and fill it with enough 420 cleaner so that it's soaking in the liquid. After shaking it around and rinsing, your hand pipe is as good as new. Get some 420 cleaner to make cleaning your smoking pipes and rigs super fast and easy. 

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  • 1x 420 Cleaner for Glass Pipes and Dab Rigs

Features and Specifications 

  • No Scrubbing 
  • No Waiting 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Cleans any type of Glass Pipe, such as Chillums, Bongs, Dab Rigs, Spoon Pipes, Bubblers, and Sherlock Pipes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use 420 Cleaner?

  • 420 Cleaner is very easy to use. If you own a small glass pipe, then we suggest putting it in a plastic bag. Next, fill up the plastic bag with enough 420 cleaner so that you can shake the liquid around so it's going into the glass pipe. The residual dry herbs should come off quite easily. You might need to rinse the glass pipe once or twice and then put it back into the bag of 420 cleaner. Eventually, everything will easily come off. You can use a Q-tip to take off residue in difficult areas. 

What is 420 Cleaner?

  • 420 Cleaner is a cleaning solution to remove residual dry herbs from a glass pipe. It's quite easy to use. Just make sure you rinse your glass pipe several times before using it again.

Why Buy 420 Cleaner?

  • Using 420 cleaner is the easiest way to take off residual dry herbs from your glass pipe. You can use isopropyl alcohol or boiling hot water, but that usually takes hours to finish. If you buy 420 cleaner, you can clean your glass pipe in minutes.