3x Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes are great tools to use for cleaning out dry herb heating chambers, wax vape coils, and domeless nails.  If you're a daily user, we suggest buying much more than 3 cleaning brushes, but if you're just a casual dabber, then 3 cleaning brushes is the perfect amount.  

Listing Includes

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  • 3x cleaning brushes

Features and Specifications

  • Scrubbing capabilities is perfect for scraping off any residual dry herb or wax.
  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Handle:Steel wiring
  • Brush:Nylon PA 6-6

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a dry herb heating chamber

  • After you've finished vaping dry herbs with your friends, it's important you clean out your heating chamber.  First, you'll want to use your dab tool to gently take out all the residual dry herbs.
  • Once your heating chamber is empty, use your cleaning brush to scrape out any residual particles on the walls of the chamber.  BE VERY CAREFUL using your cleaning brush near the coil.  If you poke at it too much, you can potentially damage and break the vape coil.
  • After using your cleaning brush, you can use a damp Q-TIP or cotton swab to wipe anything else remaining.  Finally, your dry herb heating chamber is as good as new.     

How to clean an original Micro G Pen

  • Clean any wax vape pen such as the Atmos Thermo, Cloud Vape, Pocket Vape Pen, and original Micro G Pen, is not very easy.  
  • To clean the wax coil, all you can really do is continuously heat up your vape pen and burn off all the residual concentrates.  Inside the heating chamber, you can use your cleaning brush to scrape away residual wax along the walls of the chamber.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL cleaning your wax vape coils.  If you poke at the coil too much, you can damage and break it.  
  • Cleaning the original Micro G Pen mouthpiece is very easy.  First, while keeping your mouthpiece over the coil, continuously light your vape pen so that the residual wax loosens up inside the mouthpiece.  Next, take your mouthpiece off and use a rag to wipe away any residue.  If there is still some leftover wax in there, you can use your cleaning brush to try scraping off the rest.     

How to clean a domeless nail

  • To clean your domeless nail, you just need to use a butane torch to heat up the nail.  Then while it's cooling, use a Q-TIP to wipe off as much shatter or wax as you can.  If there is more residue left on your domeless nail, you can always use your cleaning brush to scrape off whatever is left.  Then use your rag to wipe off the rest.  

How to clean a Dry Herb Grinder

  • You rarely need to clean your dry herb grinder, but there is always that Sunday when you want to scrape out all of your kief and get as much of the residue off the grinder as possible so you can take your last hit.
  • After getting out as much as possible, the next step would be to was your grinder in water and then use your cleaning brush to wipe off any residual dry herb substances.  
  • Once you've rinsed and scrubbed a bit, you can put your dry herb grinder in a pot of boiling water.  After 5-7 minutes, take it out and use your cleaning brush to scrub off whatever residual substances are left.  Use a paper towel to wipe certain areas.  BE VERY CAREFUL cleaning the kief catcher screen.  It's very delicate.    

How to clean a Nectar Collector

  • The nectar collector is not the easiest dabbing accessory to clean.  The titanium tip or glass tip is easy to clean, but cleaning the body can be a bit frustrating. First, make sure you heat up the residual wax in the joint area so that it's warm and easy to use a rag to wipe off whatever you can.  
  • Next, you should use your cleaning brush to scrape off any residual particles.  
  • Ater brushing off as much as you can, you can put the nectar collector in a bowl of 420 cleaner.  You can wait as long as 20 minutes.  Afterwards, you can use a cleaning brush and rag to wipe off the rest.  If you ever have any questions about cleaning your herb grinder, vaporizer, and dabbing accessories, please contact our customer service.

Why Buy cleaning brushes?

  • These cleaning brushes will not only extend the life of your vaporizer, but they'll enhance the experience you get from it. They can also be used with grinders, nectar collectors, dab rigs and more, to clear out built up dry herb and concentrate residue.