Yocan ExGo Wax Vaporizer Review

"We've spoken with many who now claim the ExGo is their favorite vaporizer pen for concentrates."

Yocan ExGo Wax Vaporizer Pen

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UPDATE: Buy the NEW Yocan ExGo II Wax Vaporizer Pen

Features 2 heating coils per chamber for increased heat and capacity



The Yocan ExGo is the lead wax vaporizer pen from Yocan Tech. It's very portable and discreet for the most part (but might draw some looks because it has some pretty cool style going for it). It can handle a large amount of wax, and is a fairly affordable option compared to vaporizer pens like the Atmos and Micro G pen.

Yocan has similar devices (the Yo-Zap and Yo-Pep), but the ExGo appears to be a bit more durable. However, the Yo-zap and Yo-pep do come with one more spare heating coil than the ExGo (2 vs 1 spare).


Great at wax

The Yocan ExGo really excels at vaporizing wax. It produces a sizeable amount of vapor relative to the amount of wax you put in. We've spoken with many who now claim the ExGo is their favorite vaporizer pen for concentrates. The Atmos pen can handle wax, but because it's a regular snake-style coil instead of a coil wrapped around a wick (like the ExGo), the melted wax tends to create a small pool of oil a the bottom of the heating chamber. This is not the case with the ExGo. The ExGo's coil, as mentioned above, is wrapped around a wick, which helps absorb all the oil and resin from your melted wax. The bowl is also much larger than what you'll find with a Micro G--and the mouthpiece let's you inhale much more vapor per hit.

Air Tight

This isn't so much a necessity, but is kind of cool. The Yocan ExGo's chamber for vapor is airtight, so if you were so inclined, you could fire it up and keep the vapor inside the chamber to inhale it later. Probably not a feature most people will take advantage of, but it's kind of nice to know that if you get distracted, you won't waste all your vapor. It's right there waiting on you.

Good value

Not only does the Yocan ExGo come at a very affordable price, it also takes strides to match the value provided by the Micro G: it comes packaged with a spare heating coil. And at the Vape Vet Store, we include packages that come with 1100 mAh 510 thread batteries (double the capacity of most e-cig batteries), USB adapters, and wall chargers.


Shattered glass? (This has been fixed for any recently made ExGos)

Every vaporizer pen has its cons, but the ExGo's faults don't set it back too far. One possible problem is the durability of the glass tube. Like the 94F, the Yocan ExGo features a glass tube that encapsulates the device. However, unlike the 94F, the ExGo relies on this tube to keep the vapor in. If you drop the glass tube on a hard surface, or break it while screwing the device on or off, it will hinder your vaping experience.

If you're careful, this isn't really a problem. But, what can make matters worse for some is that a few devices will ship with the glass tube fixed tightly to the mouthpiece and heating chamber. This is great, until you realize you have unscrew the impossibly tight bond to load your wax. It is absolutely possible to crack the glass trying to pry it open if you're not careful. Major bummer, indeed.

Our recommendation: use the packing tool to wiggle a tight chamber free. Once off--remove the one of the silicon grips from both the heating coil and the mouthpiece. This will make it MUCH easier to screw the device on and off. Problem solved.

Coil lifespan

Again, as with many wax vaporizer pens, the coils will not last forever. The manufacturer gives them an expected lifespan of 3 months. Thankfully, Yocan includes a spare heating coil with the ExGo. Of course, if you take care of them, the coils could last longer. But in that same vain, if you are a little more haphazzard in your use, they could go out earlier. Fortunatey, replacements are not too expensive.


Overall, we really like the Yocan ExGo, and others whose opinions we respect agree. It hits big with nice clouds of vapor, and it's very affordable. There's still this possible issue of the glass tubes, but we haven't noticed the problem ourselves, so we don't knock it for that. If anyone does have an issue, we'll replace any glass tubes for customers of the Vape Vet Store.

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UPDATE: Buy the NEW Yocan ExGo II Wax Vaporizer Pen