Voopoo offers powerful box mods in slender, modern designs. They are ideal of discreet use while on the go, and you will find the best selection of Voopoo products right here! Any Voopoo product you order comes with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

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How to Choose a Voopoo Vape?

Voopoo dedicates its product line to e-juice and liquid vaping. Their product line is mostly dedicated to box mods, but they come in all different sizes, features, and available power. What you need to do to pick the best Voopoo vape is to first decide what you want out of a vape. Do you want a box mod dedicated only to power and performance, or do you want a design that is more sleek and discrete while offering a great vaping experience? Want something in between, or do you even want a box mod at all? Once you answer these questions, then you just need to look at the product line Voopoo offers to find your perfect vape!

Types of Voopoo Vapes

Even though Voopoo offers mostly box mod type vapes, there is still a lot of variation between different models and product lines. We have handpicked some of the most popular products and product lines that Voopoo offers and have described them below. Take a look!

Voopoo Drag

The Drag is a series of box mod vapes that are designed to be eye-catching. You will find a wide variety of colors and designs available, all focused around a psychedelic theme. The box mod offers plenty of features, including eight different safety features (like overheating and short-circuit protection), and an LED screen that shows your precision heating settings, battery level, and more.

Voopoo Mojo

The Mojo is the ideal box mod for someone who wants some of the power that box mods offer without getting weighed down in features you may not end up using. The Mojo offers a sleek, simple design, but still offers precision heating, a variety of safety features, and an LED screen to display all options and warnings. The Mojo is also available in a wide variety of bright, eye-catching colors. 

Voopoo Panda

The Panda is a cute little AIO vape that is perfect for vaping beginners. It has a built-in rechargeable 1100mAh battery and features 5mL refillable pods for your favorite e-juices. The size is small, perfect to fit in the palm of the hand, and the rubberized exterior will give you great non-slip protection. The LED screen shows important information, including the battery level. Available in true panda colors (black and white), as well as a variety of other dazzling colors.

Voopoo Vinci X

The Vinci X is a box mod in function but has a unique, slender design that sets it apart from the crowd. It is designed to be used discretely and fit easily in pockets while still offering features that will entice veteran users. The Vinci X is powered by a single 18650 battery and supports precision heating (up to 70W output for huge vapor clouds). It is also powered by the GENE chip, which makes this Vinci X work far more efficiently and produce better options than other mods. The large LED screen shows vital information, including battery level, heating setting, and even how many puffs you take!

Voopoo Rex

The Rex is the final Voopoo vape on this list, and it is a great product! It is small but ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. In fact, it can easily be used with a single hand! The Rex also supports precision heating options and displays that information and more on the built-in LED screen. It is also built with 510 threading, so you will be able to try a number of different tanks and attachments with this battery.

What is a Voopoo Vape?

Voopoo is a brand that has dedicated itself to not only e-juice vaping but vaping with eye-catching style. All of their vapes have bright colors, psychedelic designs, and any number of features that really make them pop. Of course, Voopoo is not just looks and glamour. Their box mods are full-featured, powerful devices that are able to incorporate a great looking product with a high-functioning one. Voopoo offers a lot of box mods, but if you want something more simple, they offer some simpler pen vapes and AIO vapes.

Why Buy a Voopoo Vape?

You simply are not going to find a vape that both looks as good and functions as well as a Voopoo vape. The brand has really put the effort into making their products look great and function as top of the line products. They offer box mods that are as complex or simple as you want, appealing to beginner and veteran users. They offer more simple, stripped down AIO if you need something that is super simple. Overall, Voopoo provides high-quality vapes and good-looking products that you will not be disappointed in.