Suorin is one of the leading brands in discrete vape pen design. Their style is sleek and modern, but their products do not look like vape pens usually look, making it ideal for public vaping. Of course, you can also expect a high-quality build and great flavor production as well. Suorin is a great choice for super discrete vaping and a modern look that you will grow to love!

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How to Choose a Suorin Vape?

The best way to choose a Suorin vape is to pick the one that best fits your wants and needs. Even though they all cater to liquid vaping, the form and function of Suorin vapes vary greatly. How small or discrete do you want your vape to be? Do you want it to be small and concealable, or are you willing to sacrifice some discrete use in exchange for a larger liquid capacity or a larger battery? Take time to inventory your preferences and then find the Suorin vape that is perfect for you!

Types of Suorin Vapes

Though Suorin’s library of products is similar, they each offer unique advantages and disadvantages in design. Some will be more full-featured, while others will have smaller or larger batteries. Take a look at their offerings and see which might pique your interest.

Suorin Air

A small, discrete liquid vaporizer, it’s perfect for on the go vaping. Features air-draw activated heating and a 400mAh battery. This vape uses prefilled pods, so you will not have to worry about potentially messy refills. The pods are NOT compatible with other Suorin devices, so keep that in mind if you plan on buying different models.

Suorin Air Plus

A more full-featured version of the Suorin Air. Sports a 930mAh battery and can be plugged in and used at the same time. Features air-draw activated heating but includes an LED meter to show the remaining battery life. If you like the Air but need more power and a few more quality of life features, then the Air Plus is a great choice. Uses pre-filled pods that are NOT compatible with other Suorin devices.

Suorin Edge

A sleek vaporizer with a modern design, the Edge is built for convenience. It has a smaller battery at 230mAh but can be recharged in 30 minutes. It also features air-draw activated firing and variable voltage options. The Edge is THE vape if your priorities are a discrete design and portability that still offers some great features, like heating customizability. It definitely merits a good look!

Suorin Drop

This little round boy has a unique, droplet design to help make it super portable and discrete. The pods are refillable, it features an air-draw activated firing and a 300mAh battery. Keeping track of the battery is easy with the LED light battery tracker, so you will never be left flat-footed with a dead battery. For a unique design that still packs plenty of power, the Drop is a sure win.

Suorin Vagon

This vaporizer features a curved, ergonomic grip for easy handling. Its cartridges are refillable and it has a wattage output capacity of up to 12W. The Vagon has a 310mAh battery with LED lights to indicate the current charge level. The Vagon is a great option if you want a few choices in how hot your device produces vape (which impacts flavor), the Vagon is one of the few Suorin devices that offer it!

What is a Suorin Vape?

Suorin vapes are liquid or e-juice vaporizers that specialize in sleek, discrete designs that are easily portable and mess-free. Some designs have prefilled pods, while others have pods that are easy to refill. Their specific features vary, so be sure to check out the different models to see what might fit you best.

Why Buy a Suorin Vape?

Suorin vapes offer a lot to beginner and veteran vapers alike. They are extremely easy to use with usually only one button (if any) to operate, making them quite accessible to those just coming into the vaping scene. Likewise, the sleek, modern design of these vapes will appeal to vapers of any experience level. They are also some of the most discrete and portable vapes you will find.

Sleek, modern, discrete, and easy to use are just some of the reasons you would want a Suorin Vape. Take a look at their collection and see which might be right for you!