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How to Choose a Sigelei Vape?

The Sigelei brand is one that caters specifically to liquid or e-juice vaping. The product line they offer is extensive, with dozens of different models and designs to choose from. While their options may seem intimidating, there are ways to narrow down the choices and make the best choice for yourself! We recommend taking an inventory of what you want out of a vaporizer and then finding the Sigelei vape that best fits your desires. For example, do you want a powerful-full featured box mod that can handle all different kinds of attachments, or do you want something that is simple, easy to use, and easy to travel with? Take some time to think about what you really want and then see which Sigelei vape is the best fit for you!

Types of Sigelei Vapes

There are all kinds of Sigelei vapes to choose from, so the likelihood of you being able to find one that works for you is high. Below, we are going to briefly talk about two specific models as well as two specific lines of vaporizers that Sigelei offers.

Sigelei 213 Box Mod Vape

The Sigelei 213 is a powerful, full-featured box mod that will give you tasty, thick vapor clouds. It supports a temperature range of 200F - 570F, a wattage range of 10W-213W, and a variable voltage range of 1.0V-7.5V. All of your settings are displayed on a bright OLED screen, and this fully loaded vaporizer is powered by two 18650 batteries. If you want to tweak and play with exactly how your vapor is produced, the Sigelei 213 is a great choice. The tank is also designed with 510 threading, so switching between different tanks and attachments is a piece of cake.

Sigelei 150 Box Mod

Consider the Sigelei 150 the little brother to the Sigelei 213. The 150 is also a box mod with plenty of features, but it does not offer as many options or as much power as the 213. In the Sigelei 150, you will find a variable wattage range of 10W-150W, a variety of safety features, and two 18650 batteries powering it all. The resistance can also be altered, allowing for better compatibility with different tanks and accessories. Of course, the Sigelei 150 is also designed with 510 threading, so you will have a lot of tanks and accessory options to choose from.

Sigelei KAOS

The KAOS line of vaporizers offers several options along the lines of powers and features, starting with full-featured, powerful box mods like the 214 Spectrum vaporizer, all the way to smaller, simpler devices like the Z mod. What sets the KAOS line apart from Sigelei’s other products is the attention given to the design options. You will find more bright colors, interesting looking models, and, in the case of the Z mod, you can even see the internal chipboard that runs the vaporizer. With most devices in the KAOS line, you will still find variable voltage options, different temperature ranges, and some kind of display for the settings you have chosen.

Sigelei Fuchai

The Fuchai line keeps in the common theme that Sigelei offers: powerful, fully-featured box mods. However, the Fuchai line tends to lean towards more ergonomic gripping and more sleek, modern designs. You will find simple color palates, like with the Fuchai 213, and you will see a design dedicated to easy handling, like with the Fuchai R7. Even though there is a slight difference in designs and colors, the core features remain very similar. Most Fuchai mods support variable wattage options, customizable temperature ranges, and some kind of display screen where you can easily see your settings and other information like the current battery level.

What is a Sigelei Vape?

The Sigelei brand is dedicated to liquid or e-juice vaporizers, and they offer a large selection of box mods. Box mods are stand-alone vaporizer batteries that tend to be packed with features and power, as well as being compatible with a large variety of tanks and attachments. If you like to have a lot of different box mods to choose from, or simply a brand that has clearly made box mods a priority, that the Sigelei brand deserves a look.

Why Buy a Sigelei Vape?

The Sigelei brand has established itself as one of the best places to find a lot of different box mods to choose from. And while the selection and features among their models vary, they all tend to have a common thread: they are powerful. Even some of the more basic models, like the Sigelei 150 or the KAOS Z Mod still offer a lot of power (especially for their price). Most Sigelei vaporizers also have a lot of features built-in, making vaping customization a piece of cake. Finally, nearly all Sigelei vaporizers are designed with 510 threading, which means you can choose from a large selection of tanks or attachments to change up your vaping game. This includes attachments that support dry herb or wax concentrate vaping!