Kandy Pens specialize in making vapes for oil, waxes, and dry herbs that look super sleek and modern. They have a truly unique portable dab rig that will blow you away, and they crisp metal build of some of their vape pens will feel great in your hand for long vaping sessions. If you want style as much as you want functionality, Kandy Pens is an easy choice!

How to Choose a Kandypens Vape?

Kandypens is a catch-all brand, offering products for liquid, dry herb, and concentrate vaping. With so many options, what is the best way to pick? Take inventory of what you want out of a vape before you shop and that will help you make a decision. Do you need a vape for dry herbs or concentrates? Do you want a hybrid vape? Do you want a big battery or something small and discrete? Answering these questions makes picking out a Kandpens vape much easier!

Types of Kandypens Vapes

As mentioned, Kandypens offers vapes that cater to liquid, dry herb, or concentrate vaping. We have taken some of their most popular options for a closer look. See which ones might be able to best fit what you are looking to get out of a vape!

Kandypens Rubi

The Rubi is one of the best selling devices from Kandypens, and for good reason. It is a wonderfully sleek and discrete liquid vaporizer housed in a great-feeling aluminum housing. It is activated by drawing in a hit (so there are no buttons on this device) and it is powered by a 280mAh battery (good for about 30-40 draws). The Rubi makes use of refillable pods, so you are free to use your favorite liquids and oils.

Kandypens Oura

The Oura is a consistent award-winning device for being one of the best portable dab rigs on the market. It features a heat-up time of five seconds and supports four different heating options. Instead of buttons, the Oura makes use of “smart-touch” technology and haptic feedback, giving it a premium feel and avoiding mechanical button failure. The Oura is powered by a huge 3000mAh battery, which will keep you vaping the go all day long! The Oura is covered by a lifetime warranty on all components, so once you make the investment, the Oura will be with you for a lifetime!

Kandypens Special K

If you need a vaporizer that is a bit more discrete, the Special K is a perfect choice. It is designed to look exactly like a pen! As long as it is in your pocket, no one will be able to tell the difference. However, the Special K offers more than just a unique design. It sports a 650mAh battery that powers three different voltage options. The battery is 510 threaded, should you want to change the tank. The battery is also covered by a lifetime warranty!

Kandypens Crystal

The Crystal is an award-winning dab pen that offers powerful, straightforward features. It supports four different heating options, and instead of using a heating coil, the Crystal uses an all-quartz atomizer. This gives the vapor a refreshingly clean taste that is often absent from dab pens. These features are powered by a 900mAh battery, which is covered under a lifetime warranty. A great option for dab pen newbies ore experienced users who want a simple experience without compromising flavor.

Kandypens Galaxy

The Galaxy is another user-friendly dab pen that would feel right at home with any user! It features a dual quartz atomizer and three different temperature settings, helping you get the best flavors possible out of your concentrates. The Galaxy is made with a leakproof design and is available in several different colors of enamel finish. The battery is made with 510 threading so you can mix and match tanks, should you so choose. The battery is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

What is a Kandypens Vape?

Kandypens is a popular brand of vaporizers for dry herb, liquid, and concentrate vaping. Their devices focus on providing a high-end experience for flavor while sporting sleek, modern designs. Many of their devices are consistently award-winning devices year after year, continuing to cement the brand as of the leading global brands. They also offer one of the best warranties for their products, as most vaporizer batteries have a lifetime warranty. Some, like the Oura, offer warranties for the entire device.

Why Buy a Kandypens Vape?

The combination of style and a premium vaping experience that Kandypens offers is matched by few other brands. Not only do their device look and feel great but they perform and offer unmatched flavor. Most of their devices are simple enough for beginners, but the quality of flavor has built a very loyal fanbase. And, with most of their vaporizers being covered in a lifetime warranty, it is easier to make a significant investment knowing it will be supported for years to come.