Bubbler vs Bong - A Smoking Pipe Comparison

Bong vs Bubbler Differences

Differences between Bubbler Pipes And Bongs


This is probably one of the things someone will notice first between a bong and a bubbler. Bongs, as a general rule, are always going to be larger than a bubbler by their very nature. A bubbler is designed to be a cross-over between a traditional waterless pipe and a water bong. As such, they will often be larger than a pipe but remain relatively hand held – especially compared to the average bong. There are definitely some large bubblers and some tiny bongs but this is going to be the case nine times out of ten.


Because of the sheer difference in size, bubblers are often considered to be much more portable than bongs. This is, of course, going to depend on a bunch of characteristics but as a general rule it should be presumed that a bubbler is much more mobile than a bong. Some things to remember are that the intricacy of a bubbler can make it less portable and a small silicone bong is going to be safer to transport around than a bulky glass bubbler. However, these are specific exceptions to the rule that a bubbler is usually more portable.

Amount of Smoke per a Puff

Given the size difference, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a bong is often going to be more powerful than a bubbler. This can also vary depending on the bowl size and the smoker’s lung capacity. However, generally, expect the most powerful hits to come from the bong rather than the bubbler. So if a massive cloud of smoke is most important – think more towards bong territory.

Bong Bowls

Bubblers, like pipes, often have the bowl attached to them and or built-in to the design. This is different from a bong where the bowl sits on a ‘slide’ that is removable. Meaning that one can replace the slide or bowl with a new one or ‘better’ one or whatever the preference may be. Usually, they’re sold together but just make sure when purchasing – especially online.

Percolator Bongs and More

Bubblers more often than not are just bubblers. While they can have awesome patterns or designs there is often not any ‘after-market’ addition that can be used with a bubbler. Not so with a bong as they can have ash catchers, percolators, ice catchers, etc. These will attach at the slide end of the bong or be built-in.

Bubbler Carb Holes

Like a pipe, bubblers often come with a carb hole. Bongs, however, operate this mechanism by removing the bong bowl on the slide at the end of a long pull. 

Bong and Bubbler Similarities 

Bong and Bubbler Pipe Similarities

Use water to filter smoke

Both are considered water pipes and use water and percolation to ‘cool’ down and smoothen the hit. This is the natural draw of both bongs and bubblers and differentiates them from other types of smoking apparats. So, if someone is in the mood for a cooler hit, either of these types of water pipe will mostly be the single option available.

Need to have water changed regularly

For the sake of having a tasteful hit, the water should be changed fairly regularly. Think about it like this: if a glass of water was left out, how long before someone would refuse to drink out of it? While this might be a bit extreme, just imagine the longer the water stays and the more often it is used the nastier it becomes.

Meant for use with dry herbs

Both of these water pipes are meant to be used with dry herb as opposed to wax or other concentrates. Rigs are the common water pipe to be used with wax and can be found in similar places.

A Variety of both Bubblers and Bongs

There is a tremendous amount of diversity in bubblers and bongs available. Make sure to carefully examine all the available types. Personal preferences will make or break a good purchase.

Easy to use

Neither of these water pipes is going to be complicated. In fact, a bubbler is as intuitive as a pipe – just add water. Bongs are not complicated either.

Bowl Pack Size

Both generally have a standard bowl pack size and neither is disproportionally larger than the other.

Is a Bong or Bubbler Better? 

Is a Bong or Bubbler Better?

Like a lot of things, this is going to come down to straight preference. There is not a lot of advice one can get about how much they enjoy a particular feel or taste with a pipe or bong. So, think about what kinds of use will predominate and how portable, lightweight, large, etc. the pipe or bong needs to be. After all, even the highest quality bong in the world will be useless if it doesn’t satisfy whatever specific requirements someone has for it.

The Benefit of Using Water Bongs and Bubblers

For most folks, the single largest benefit is going to be the cooling effect of the water coupled with the heavier hitting power. While bubblers aren’t as strong as bong generally, they still provide a cooling effect for more sensitive smokers.

What is the Swan Bubbler Pipe? 

What is the Swan Bubbler Pipe?

The Swan bubbler pipe is a really neat piece because it happens to be made of both glass and silicone. This means that the clean, pure taste of glass is coupled with a lighter weight and increased durability of silicone. Not to mention, the size is rather modest making this bubbler rather portable and easy to transport around. Coupled with an almost unbeatable price, the Swan makes a fantastic bubbler.

Where to Buy Bubbler Pipes and Water Bongs?

Both bubblers and bongs are available almost anywhere in the US (smoke shop, online, etc). However, make sure to check out vapevetsore.com for one of the largest varieties of bubblers and bongs and remember that all orders shipped in the USA are shipped for FREE!

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