Firefly Vapes

You have just stumbled across one of the few premium vapes that cater to dry herbs, wax, and oils. Firefly Vapes has established itself as one of the most reputable hybrid vapes on the market, which can be purchased right here! We will send it to you with free U.S. shipping and discreet packaging. Grab a Firefly and see what everyone has been talking about!

Who is FireFly Vapes?

Established in 2012, Firefly had one focused goal: to create a single, high-end dry herb vape that would put the company name on the map. Among several premium features, the one that made the company stand out was the unbelievably fast heat time of a dry-herb vape (6 seconds for the Firefly and as low as 3 seconds for the FireFly 2). Even though they only care one model now, they have cemented themselves as a go-to brand for some of the highest quality vaping experiences.

How to Choose Between FireFly Vapes

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Choosing the right kind of FireFly vape is easy because there is only one model of FireFly vape currently sold; the FireFly 2. This model is a 3-1 dry herb, wax, and oil pen letting you experience a large gamut of vaping products. The heating chamber can be used for dry herbs and waxes, while concentrate pads are included for oils or e-juices. Even though there is only one choice, it can open the door to all kinds of vaping products.

FireFly Dry Herb Vapes

FireFly made a name for itself in vaping dry herbs, and the FireFly 2 carries on that vaping legacy well. It offers 6 heating ranges as low as 340 F and as high as 420 F, allowing for great flavor customization. The battery is good for about 8 fully smoked chambers with of dry herb, and the FireFly 2 can heat that chamber in as little as 3 seconds. That is madness! The pen gets close to a 100% charge within 45 minutes, letting quickly get back to vaping.

FireFly Wax Vapes

The FireFly 2 is also capable of handling wax and other distillates. It offers one heating setting at 500 degrees F, which is a great range for most waxes. Just like the dry herb experience, you can expect best-in-class vapors from wax in the FireFly 2. The heating chamber can also handle resin, and only needs about .1 grams of distillate for an extremely pleasing experience. It is hard to go wrong when choosing the FireFly 2.

FireFly Oil Vapes

As we have said, the FireFly 2 is also capable of vaping oils and e-juices. Concentrate pads are included and simply dropping a couple of drops on the pad is enough to start making big vape clouds in no time. This pen does not have a 510 threaded connection, so you will not be able to use pre-filled 510 skinny cartridges with this pen. Be sure to grab a jar of your favorite oil or e-juice before vaping with the FireFly 2.

Which FireFly Vape is the Best?

Well, there is only one model that is readily available, and we would say it is pretty solid. However, the answer to this question, in general, is that the best vape is the one that best fits what you want out of a vape. The FireFly 2 is an amazing vape, but not if you are looking forward to using 510 threaded skinny cartridges. Just be sure to take an inventory of your needs before deciding what product to get. That way, you will certainly get something you love!

FireFly Coils and Vape Parts

FireFly 2 parts currently are not available for purchase, and the device is not compatible with different kinds of heating coils. The only separate item that can be bought is an additional battery. However, the pen already comes with two exchangeable batteries. If you are looking to travel and will not be able to charge, having multiple batteries is not a bad idea. If you like to tinker and want a vape that allows that, reach out to us! We can get you pointed in the right direction.

FireFly 2 vs DaVinci IQ

Both of these vapes target the expensive, high-end portion of the vaping market, so how do they compare? The first major difference is that the DaVinci IQ is only designed to vape dry herbs, whereas the FireFly 2 can handle dry herbs, waxes, and distillates. The FireFly 2 heats far more quickly but lacks the all-ceramic vapor path that the IQ boasts. The IQ also displays information in the light-dot panel, whereas the FireFly2 has no outer display panel. Both, however, feature controls via an app on a smartphone.

FireFly 2 vs Pax 3

Pax is another brand that has made a name for itself amongst premium vapes and is quite comparable to the FireFly 2. Both offer app controls, but the Pax 3 can use 60 different temperature settings through its app. The Pax 3 is not designed for oil vaping but can handle wax and dry herb like the FireFly 2 can. It still does not come close to the heating speed of the FireFly 2 (3 seconds vs 20 seconds). Both are similar but have very clear pros and cons.

FireFly 2 vs E-Clipse Dry Herb Vaporizer

The enormous price difference between these two vapes is more than $200, but you might be surprised that the Dark Side E-CLIPSE vaporizer holds its own against the FireFly 2. The E-CLIPSE offers an LED screen letting you read heating information, battery levels, and settings easily. Replacement parts are readily available, though the E-CLIPSE battery cannot be removed like in the FireFly 2. Though the FireFly 2 heats up much more quickly, overall vapor quality is very similar. If you want quality and an accessible price, the E-Clipse is a superb choice.

FireFly 2 vs DaVinci MIQRO

The difference between the FireFly 2 and the DaVinci MIQRO are very similar to those compared to the DaVinci IQ. The MIQRO can only handle dry herb, unlike the FireFly 2, but both sport removable batteries. The MIQRO can be used more discreetly than the FireFly 2 and holds dry herb more discreetly. Again, the heating time of the FireFly 2 cannot be matched, but the MIQRO sports a similar all-ceramic vapor path as the IQ. The MIQRO is far more friendly to those vaping on the go.

Where can I buy the FireFly 2 Vape?

You can buy the FireFly 2 right here on this site! You can purchase the vape as a stand-alone product, or we offer a kit if you need all the tools for dry herb vaping, including a dry herb grinder and cleaning materials. We offer a quality guarantee on all of the vapes we sell, and we always ship free anywhere in the U.S. If the FireFly 2 has caught your eye, order today! We are sure you will not be disappointed.