Why Do Pipes Have A Carb Cap?

Wax concentrates and dab rigs are becoming more and more commonplace. Their ability to easily provide potent, tasty hits from your favorite wax concentrates are a big pull among those who want a quicker bang than smoking dry herbs from a dry herb vaporizer or vaping oils will provide. Of course, dab rigs are more complicated than glass pipes or vape pens, and they can easily overwhelm beginners. There are a lot of little pieces to consider, and one of the most elusive ones are the carb caps. Some dab rigs use them, while others do not. Why do you need a carb cap to begin with?

What is a Carb Cap?

A carb cap is a tool used on dab rigs that allow the user to control airflow. They also help keep extra vapor from escaping the dab rig, as they completely cover the top of a domeless dab nail. They come in a variety of different materials, including quartz, ceramic, and titanium, all of which offer slightly different benefits to the dabber. Carb caps are built with a signature long stem on top, allowing you to safely place and remove the carb cap throughout the session without risk of burning your fingers.

Why Do Pipes Have a Carb Cap?

While a carb cap isn’t necessary for using a dab rig, they help you get the most out of your dabbing sessions. For starters, they help prevent vapor from escaping during the dabbing process, letting you use every bit of concentrate you are dabbing with. Carb caps also act to trap heat, allowing your dab nail to maintain its temperature for longer periods of time. If you are dabbing at super high temperatures, this is less important. However, if you are dabbing at lower temperatures, a carb cap is vital.

Lower temperature dabbing can be difficult because the dab nail will not hold a low temperature for long without cooling too much to create smoke from the dab. A carb cap traps the low heat and maintains it, allowing you to take big dab hits at low temperatures. Many dabbers prefer low temperature dabbing because it is easier on the lungs, far more flavorful, and there is a much lower risk of scorching and ruining your wax.

Where Can I Get a Carb Cap?

Carb caps can be found in most head shops that sell dab rigs. Being a retail store, their selection may be limited, which is why many shoppers choose online stores for the best selection. Those options include right here at vapevetstore.com. Any carb cap you buy from us comes with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

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