Do Vape Cartridges Work With All Vape Pens?

There are many vape companies on the market today offering competing vape cartridges and vaporizer pens. As it turns out, they're not all compatible with one another, which has led some vapers to painful realizations when they've gone to attach a fresh cartridge to an incompatible vape battery. Fortunately, there is somewhat of a universal standard that has risen out of necessity and that standard is 510 thread. 

Vape Hardware Compatibility & 510 Thread

Many of today's vape cartridges are threaded and 510 thread is perhaps the most common threading used by manufacturers at this time. With many vape cartridge manufacturers using 510 threaded designs, it only makes sense that vape pen manufacturers would do the same, and many have. As a result, vapers can simply ask their favorite vape shop if a given cartridge is 510 thread or not and the answer will determine whether or not it's compatible with a 510 threaded pen vaporizer. While 510 threaded hardware is extremely popular in the vaping scene, there are still companies that refuse to use it. One reason why some companies choose to do this is to ensure that their customers buy only their products. For instance, if you buy a vape pen that's designed to work exclusively with only one brand of cartridge, you're essentially locked into buying only that brand's products. For those that prefer variety, the spice of life, the only real solution is to go with a 510 setup. This way, you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of cartridges and vaporizers that are designed to work with the near-universal 510 threading. If you're looking for a 510 thread compatible cartridge or pen, our vape parts page will point you in the right direction as we offer a range of compatible products, including vape pen batteries and cartridges for both wax and oil. While the cartridges that we sell are intended for use with waxes and oils, many of them are also compatible with the vape juice used by e-cigs.

What Is 510 Thread?

When vapers see the term 510 thread, many know what it means without actually knowing the technical specifications that it entails. With 510 thread, there are 10 threads at 0.5mm per thread with a diameter of 7mm. As you can see, this is quite specific and when it is manufactured correctly it provides compatibility with other 510 threaded vaping devices. It is worth noting, however, that not all 510 devices work together. For instance, some vape pens may be designed in such a fashion that the cartridge slides into an opening where it is screwed in and attached, but if that opening is not big enough for the cartridge, the user may be unable to slide it in to attach it. For this reason, it is best to always verify the compatibility of products before buying them.

Where To Buy 510 Vape Pens & Cartridges

While it is possible to find a vape battery with 510 thread at a local gas station or convenience store, it's likely that what you will find, if anything, at such a store, is less than ideal for vaping dry herbs and concentrates as these types of vape batteries are typically designed to work with e-liquid. As for cartridges, it is rather unlikely that you will find anything at a local store unless it's a vape specific store. Fortunately for vapers who are in search of high-quality vaping hardware that's 510 threaded, The Vape Vet Store carries everything that you need. We have vape pens and cartridges in various styles and with so many to choose from, you're almost certain to find what you're looking for here at our online vape store. At our store, you will find vaping hardware from popular brands like Yocan, SteamCloud, G Pen, Boundless, and more. For all of the best hardware, The Vape Vet Store is the store for you.

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