Why Are People Blowing Vape Smoke into Their Xbox?

Vaping and gaming go together. With the popularity of YouTube videos going viral over Twitch streaming and VR gaming, Xbox has recently made its way into the headlines with a new phenomenon of having vapor or smoke emitting from the console.

Initially, many thought that there was an issue with the new Series X from Xbox not even being a week old. Users were concerned over the possibility of there being some unknown malfunction when a number of videos surfaced showing the top of the console smoking over like it was overheating.

Sketch of Watching Video Xbox With Smoke

As it turns out, the videos were fake, and it was determined that users were simply blowing smoke or vapor through their consoles in an attempt to make it appear as though the unit was malfunctioning. Why anyone would wish to do that is anyone’s guess, though with the pandemic in the midst of restricting many inside their homes, it can only be speculated that sheer boredom was the motivator behind the videos.

The vapes used to make these viral videos were obviously box mod vapes, given the sheer number of massive vapors that were produced. It almost looks like smoke, though because it lingered on, it was concluded that it was most likely vapor and not smoke. Most dry herb vaporizers and wax vapes produce negligible vapors by comparison.

Xbox Issues a Statement

Having all that vapor look like smoke can only be done with a box mod, whereas smoke would not have such a heavy appearance like in the videos. Naturally, it would make sense from a business standpoint to address the debut of their Xbox product and any malfunctions that may arise as quickly as possible. What may have appeared to be harmless by some bored youths was taken seriously by Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox.

Quality control is paramount to any business success, and Xbox was quick to nip this in the bud by tweeting: “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape pen smoke into your Xbox Series X. Put down the vape and pick up the controller.” Because the videos looked so realistic and disconcerting, this provoked an immediate response.

YouTube Videos Equal Making Money

A Microsoft spokesperson also issued a statement saying: “We take all product safety reports seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards. Findings from our initial investigations do not align with some of the claims being broadly reported, however we are in the process of investigating further.” Box mods that can produce vapors like this are very powerful, such as the SteamCloud Box Mod. While it is unknown which models were used, it was undoubtedly a box mod.

So Why Were the Videos Made?

Internet trolls were simply trying to make some early memes in order to gain traction with a viral reaction. Aside from boredom, the prospect of a viral video on YouTube is very real and can be monetized for some rather big revenue streams. Even reaction videos and debunking videos can go viral, all thanks to the initial clip.

Logic would dictate that there is no real motivation behind making the Xbox look bad unless we were to become conspiracy theorists and believe that it could have possibly been a competitor. Thankfully, the reality is obvious and seems to point to the former. Any issues arising from the Series X would have likely been brought to light during the testing phase.

Because Xbox and Microsoft are such big names, it would make sense that someone would want to piggyback on that by creating a video just days after a release in order to capitalize on the views that would undoubtedly follow a video, which shows smoke coming out from a new console. This will come to join the ranks and be classically known forever as fake news.

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