What Is the Benefit Of A CBD Facial?

There are many new beauty treatments being introduced daily to help tighten your skin, lessen inflammation, and give yourself a healthy glow. However, a lot of them are trending towards being more natural these days over incorporating a lot of unknown chemicals. The skincare regimens are normally plant-based and as natural as you can get to provide your skin with natural benefits. One of these beauty treatment trends includes adding a touch of hemp-derived CBD to facials. But is this just another passing fad? Or can it provide real benefits for your face and skin?

What Is A CBD Facial?

A CBD facial is more straightforward than it might appear when you first start looking into this new beauty treatment. They are basically a facial that incorporates a CBD topical into the treatment. CBD topicals can be any kind of product ranging from CBD body oil to CBD slaves, CBD creams, or CBD lotions. Depending on the type of facial and what you are treating in your skin, certain CBD topicals will work better than others. For example, if you are prone to oily skin then you may want to avoid any CBD body oil or oil-based CBD topical during your facial. A CBD cream or lotion may serve your skin better, without the added oil.

What Are Potential Benefits of A CBD Facial?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is known to provide your skin with a variety of potential benefits. When incorporated into a topical product, it can aid in relieving inflammation related to many common skin conditions, such as acne, scrapes, and sunburns. There are also user testimonies that praise the benefits of using a CBD topical to help relieve the symptoms of rosacea, psoriasis, or even arthritis. However, to determine the potential benefits and drug interactions for your body you should always consult your medical provider. There is much that still needs to be researched when it comes to CBD interacting with the human body, so it is always better to double-check. However, a CBD facial is said to help relieve any added inflammation in the skin that you might be experiencing and provide an overall relaxing experience.

What Kinds of CBD Facials Are There?

Since a CBD product is simply being added to a normal facial routine, the types of CBD facials are potentially endless. It all depends on the type of spa or health facility you are visiting and what they have to offer. It will also depend on the local and state regulations regarding hemp-derived CBD products. In the eyes of the United States Food and Drug Administration, CBD products are still in a legal grey area. However, regulations and laws are catching up to the CBD market and beginning to provide more clarity on what types of CBD products they can offer consumers. Spas seem to be pouncing on these opportunities and are beginning to incorporate CBD into facials, massages, and many more relaxing beauty treatments.

Different Types of CBD Facials

Each type of CBD facial will cater to different skin needs or types. It all depends on what you are working with as a base, but there is sure to be a CBD facial that will work to care for your skin. Some spas will even provide CBD-infused tea to start the treatment off and allow some relaxation from CBD to hit your bloodstream. A typical facial treatment will include a cleaning, mask, and a massage with natural oils. The massage is where the CBD comes in for a CBD facial though. Instead of using normal body oils, the treatment specialist will opt for CBD body oil to help soothe any irritation in the skin and provide an added boost of hydration. A cleansing CBD facial will also include microdermabrasion to help remove any layers of dead skin cells before applying moisturizing CBD oil. If you have sensitive skin though, then a CBD facial that uses a CBD cream over CBD oil will serve your skin type better.

Making Your Own CBD Facial Mix

However, if none of the CBD facial options you see on the spa menu strike your fancy, then you can always make your own instead! At-home facials can still be very beneficial for your skin, and especially relaxing if you have a friend helping you out. It also provides you with the opportunity to try out various types of CBD topicals to see which one will work best with your unique skin. No matter what option you go with though, a CBD facial can provide a lot of benefits for dry skin in need of some love.

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