What Is A Vape Trick?

One of the coolest things about using a vape pen is all of the tricks that can be performed with the vapor that is created by your vaporizer. Since the hits from a vape are thicker and have the cloud-like effect that smoke does not provide, the tricks are much more impressive than smoke tricks. There are many tricks that can be done, from simple Rings to more complicated tricks like The Jellyfish or The Lasso. Typically, these tricks are done with e-juice and a box mod rather than vaporizers that use concentrates or dry herbs with dry herb vaporizers.

Best Vape For Vape Tricks

Best Vape For Vape Tricks

If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering what type of vape would be best to get the big clouds you need to be able to do the tricks effectively. Any box mod would work, but there are a couple of styles we recommend.

One of the best is the SteamCloud Box Mod. This tool is fantastic for getting those big milky clouds you associate with vapes and vape tricks. While you can get the mod itself, there is also the option to get that with either an e-juice or wax attachment.

Another great set-up is the Kangertech Vape - Subox Mini Starter Kit. This is a full kit, including the mod, tank, and coils. The only thing you will need to purchase separately is the e-juice of your choice.

Vape Tricks vs Smoke Tricks

Vape Tricks vs Smoke Tricks

There are some vape tricks that you can do with smoke, but the effect is not as impressive as it is with vapor. Smoke is much thinner while vapor from e-juice is thick and milky, which leads to cooler looking stunts.

Not every vape trick is possible with smoke. The ones that are best done with smoke are rings, the French Inhale, and The Ghost. These tricks are very simple and easy to do. While other vape tricks are possible with smoke, they do not give you the same look that you would get with vapor. 

How To Do Vape Tricks

To do vape tricks, you will need a box mod, equipped with a tank of some sort. Typically it will be a 510 thread atomizer that is made for e-liquids and oils. Once you get your mod and tank, it is important that you spend some time reading the instructions and learning how your vape works. Pick a delicious flavor of e-liquid and load your tank. You can find all kinds of flavors from raspberry to peppermint to toasted marshmallow. Once you become familiar with your tools, you are ready to get started.

The first step to any vape trick is to take a big hit from your vape, as big as you are able to handle comfortably. The larger the hit, the better the cloud, which is what you want when you are doing various tricks. This first step is going to be the same regardless of the trick you are doing. Beyond this, each one has different steps. Take a look at the instructions below for a quick tutorial on many fun and easy vape tricks for beginners!

Vape Tricks For Beginners

Vape Tricks For Beginners

These are some of the more simple tricks that you can do when vaping. With some practice, you should be an expert in no time.

Ghost Inhale

This is a pretty simple one. You may have even done it before without realizing it was a trick that people practice and try to perfect. All that you do is take a big puff off of your vape and let a bit of the vapor creep out of your mouth. Once there is a ghost-like cloud in front of your mouth, quickly inhale the vapor. This is called The Ghost because the small cloud of vapor that you pull back in looks like a little ghost, as well as because the action of pulling it in makes it disappear, or “ghost”.

The Dragon

In case you did not figure it out from the name, the point of this trick is to look like you are a dragon blowing smoke. If you have ever watched a movie or tv show with dragons and thought them breathing fire and exhaling smoke from their mouth and nose looked cool, this is the trick for you. As with all vape stunts, this one starts with a massive draw from your vape. Once you are finished pulling the vapor in, configure your lips into a wide, loose smile with the center of your lips touching. Exhale the vapor, letting it flow quickly out of the sides of your mouth, mimicking the look of a dragon.

Modified Dragon

This is a slight twist on The Dragon that we just covered. Instead of letting the vapor come out of just your mouth, you will want to blow it out of your nose as well. This will make 4 separate streams. Be sure you take the largest hit you can handle since this will use the vapor twice as quickly as the two-stream original Dragon.

French Inhale

Also known as the Irish Waterfall, the French inhale is another great trick for beginners. It is unknown where the name comes from, but what we do know is that this is a super simple way for you to look cool while vaping with friends. Just like the rest of the tricks, you start with a big pull from your vape. Rather than taking a breath after the drag, you slowly let the vapor trickle out of your mouth, similar to when you do The Ghost. This time, instead of pulling the vapor back in through your mouth, you inhale through your nose.

Vape Bend

This is another trick that is a twist on a simpler one. If you can blow Os, this one should be easy for you to master in no time. Take a big fat hit from your vape and blow a nice, thick O. Next, follow up behind the O with your hand, taking special care not to move too quickly or come into contact with the O. The air movement from your hand will allow you to push the O, giving you the feeling of being an air-bending ninja!

Cool Vape Tricks

Cool Vape Tricks

While the beginner vape tricks are pretty cool, they are also fairly basic. These next few tricks are simple enough for most people to do, but they look like they take more special skills to achieve.

Vapor Bubbles

As you may have guessed from the name, this trick involves bubbles. You do not need anything expensive or fancy, a simple bottle of bubbles from your local dollar store or Walmart will suffice. This is probably the easiest trick to achieve! Simply take a deep pull from your vape and instead of exhaling into the air, you will blow the vapor into the bubble wand, filling each bubble with vapor. This is an especially cool trick if you do it over water, such as a pond, lake, or even a pool, since the bubbles will bounce on the water then pop, letting the vapor flow out.

Tornado Vapor

This is a fun one! This trick requires a tube of some sort, such as a paper towel roll, toilet paper roll, or the cardboard tube from wrapping paper. Take a big drag from your vape and blow it out through the tube, making sure the opposite end on a table, counter, or other flat surfaces. The vapor falls onto the table and spread across the surface. Next, hold your hand as you would if you are going to shake someone’s hand and quickly push your arm away from you, through the vapor. This will create a cyclone or tornado in the vapor!

The Waterfall

Another easy trick that looks complicated, The Waterfall will become a new favorite. To pull this trick off, you will need an empty plastic bottle (the wider the mouth, the better), a bit of water, a freezer, and your vape. First, put about ¼ inch of water in the bottom of the bottle and stick it in the freezer. Once the water is frozen, it is time for the magic to happen! Take the biggest drag from your vape you can handle and exhale the hit into the bottle. Once the bottle is full of vapor, you will pour the vapor out onto a table. Because the vapor was cooled by the ice in the bottle, it concentrates and becomes heavy, allowing you to pour the vapor out, getting the waterfall effect. This trick will work with a regular plastic water bottle, but bottles with larger mouths look even cooler.

Advanced Vape Trick - The Bull Ring

Advanced Vape Trick - The Bull Ring

This is a trick that requires you to be able to blow Os. If you have mastered the O, this should be fairly easy for you to figure out. First, blow a nice, thick O. Then bring your nose close to the O and inhale a bit, giving the impression that you have a bull ring.

Where To Buy Vapes

Luckily, with the increasing popularity of vaping, vape shops have been popping up in towns everywhere so finding a vape should be pretty easy. If you live in a small town without a vape shop or you want a specific model, shopping online will open up the possibilities and give you a much larger variety. As always, shopping here at vapevetstore.com will give you some great choices for your vaping needs! Shipping is not a problem either as we offer free shipping on all U.S. orders, with no minimum required!

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