Bubbler vs Bong - A Smoking Pipe Comparison

Bubbler vs Bong - A Smoking Pipe Comparison

by Courtney T. January 15, 2020

Bongs, as a general rule, are always going to be larger than a bubbler by their very nature. A bubbler is designed to be a cross-over between a traditional waterless pipe and a water bong. We put together this smoking pipe guide that compares and contracts bongs and bubblers. Check it out here.
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How To Clean A Bubbler Pipe

How To Clean a Bubbler

by Courtney T. October 01, 2019

Cleaning is perhaps one of the most important parts of owning any type of pipe, bubbler, bong, etc. Without proper maintenance any bubbler, regardless of the material it’s made of, is going to begin to clog, taste terrible, and generally cease to function. That being said, there really is no good replacement to simply making sure to keep the bubbler clean by a good soak and scrub combo. Make sure that the bubbler is getting a good soak before beginning to scrub and there will be more gunk and resin coming off with less effort. Continue reading to get more tips on how to clean a bubbler. 
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Glass Pipes

What are Glass Pipes?

by Courtney T. November 13, 2018

Glass pipes have been a staple of herbal smoking culture since the very beginning of popular use. They are a classic, non-complicated way of smoking dry herb that are produced by craftsmen dedicated to the artistic expressions of herbal culture.
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What is a Bubbler Glass Bubblers

What is a Bubbler?

by Robert H August 30, 2018

Non-smokers probably have never heard of what a bubbler is, and, in fairness, plenty of smokers have trouble distinguishing bubblers from its sister piece, the famous bong. Many newcomers to the trend buy one or the other simply because they have seen their friends using it -- or because they think a certain piece look cooler. While this method is simple and can you get you a great piece, it is good to understand what you want before you purchase so you are not let down. Learn more about bubblers by reading this blog.
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