vape smoke as head on person with question marks

Should I Be Vaping?

by Derek L October 26, 2020

"Should you be vaping?" The answer to this question is entirely contextual. The response can vary widely depending on many different factors, including what you plan on vaping, and where. Here, we have laid out several 'should I be vaping' scenarios in a question-and-answer format, which can provide additional details about the nuances involved. 

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Titanium Coil and Ceramic Coil

Do All Vape Coils Fit All Vapes?

by Matthew H September 18, 2020

As you become more experienced with vaping, you will begin to discover that there is a huge world of device customization! You can swap different vape oil tanks, mouthpieces, and a large number of other accessories. With smaller, more intricate pieces like vape coils, you need to make sure that your parts are compatible. Do all vape coils fit all vapes? Read here to learn more.

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