Should I Be Vaping?

"Should you be vaping?" The answer to this question is entirely contextual. The response can vary widely depending on many different factors, including what you plan on vaping, and where.

Here, we have laid out several 'should I be vaping' scenarios in a question-and-answer format, which can provide additional details about the nuances involved. And ultimately, this can help you better decide which options might work best for you.

Should I Vape Pods or Refillable Vape Tanks?

One of your first stops along the road of answering the question "should I be vaping" is choosing between prefilled pods and refillable tanks. Depending on your needs and preferences, selecting the right option can significantly impact your vaping experience.

For example, most pods come prefilled and cannot be refilled once all of their e-liquid has been vaporized. Consequently, pods are referred to as closed-system devices.

On the other hand, vape tanks can be refilled with the e-juice of your choice, which is why they are referred to as open-system devices. This aspect alone can give you meaningfully more flexibility when it comes to customizing your vaping experience. 

However, compared to merely unthreading a spent cartridge and threading on another, refilling your vape tank involves a more labor-intensive process and a short learning curve.

Should I Vape or Smoke Cigarettes?

Vaping is often touted as an effective method for weaning oneself away from cigarettes in general, and nicotine, specifically, since you can periodically decrease your e-liquid's nicotine levels until it is no longer needed.

Furthermore, unlike cigarettes, vaporizers create much less of an odor (and a much more pleasant one) than cigarettes, they will not cause your hands and clothes to smell, and many customers report that vaping is more cost-effective thank smoking.

Should I Vape Wax?

Compared to e-liquid and dry herb, ‘wax’ is a form of cannabis concentrate that can deliver higher doses of active ingredients per hit.

Because wax—which gets its name from its waxy appearance—is so concentrated, it comes in small, discreet packaging. You can also add the material to a refillable chamber attached to a pen battery, and enjoy vaping without making yourself stand out.

However, loading wax into your vape pen takes longer than threading on a prefilled e-liquid pod. The material also tends to leak and creates a bit of a mess once it is heated.

For a more involved (but potentially more enjoyable) wax vaping experience, you can step up to a nectar collector, or a full-blown dab rig. These setups are larger and more involved, though.

Should I Vape Dry Herbs?

Compared to wax, vaping a dry herb vaporizer is an entirely different experience.

You will need to reduce your flower's bulk using a grinder, and then add it to your vaporizer's chamber. Once inside the chamber, dry herb needs to reach much lower temperatures than wax before it generates vapor.

Although you do not combust dry herb when vaping, it usually creates a meaningfully more pungent aroma than vaporizing wax. The process also leaves behind dried brown material that you need to remove from your chamber and dispose of, before refilling with dry herb. 

Wax, comparatively, is vaporized by much higher heat and therefore leaves behind less residue.

Should I Vape Inside?

Although vaping is banned mainly in the same places as smoking cigarettes, the answer to this question depends on where inside you plan to vape.

For example, if you are in the comfort of your own home and will not impede on anyone else's enjoyment, vaping inside is entirely up to you. Compared to cigarettes or even dry herb, the odor produced by most e-liquids and e-juices is much more palatable, which also completely dissipates much more rapidly.

Should I Vape Outside?

After judging your environment, including who is around, and remaining courteous of others, it is up to you to decide whether to vape outside of your home.

With this important caveat in mind, for the most part, it is okay to respectfully enjoy vaping in public, well-ventilated areas where it is not expressly forbidden. Remember that some parks, and even entire municipalities, ban vaping. It is up to you to pay attention to signage, and remain knowledgeable of local laws if you plan to vape outside of your home and property.

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