How to Dab with a Carb Cap

Many more seasoned vapers already know, carb caps area must-have when using a dab rig setup. These awesome accessories allow for easier, faster, and stronger hits. A common reason for use of a carb cap reduces the combustion level, this allows for stronger hits than you would receive if you did not use a carb cap.

What is a Carb Cap

A carb (or carburetor) cap is similar to a carb hole (also known as a carb). However, while a carb hole is typically designed as a hole within a smoking pipe, a carb cap is a separate piece you place onto the dab nail. Think of it as a cover for your dab rig. It works by providing control over the pressure and airflow within the space of your dab rig.

Carb caps are available in various styles, designs, and materials. They are most commonly made from one of three main materials - glass, quartz, or titanium. The most useful styles of carb caps feature some form of handle or place to hold onto on top of a hollow, round ball or cylinder shape at the bottom which will fit directly onto your nail.

Carb Cap Metal

Why Need a Carb Cap

Carb caps are a pivotal accessory when it comes to dabbing. These accessories work like the lid of a cooking pot. Once on top of your nail, they trap the heat and the vapor inside of your nail, while helping direct the airflow of the vapor into the dab rig. It works by trapping the heat and pushing it back towards the concentrate to provide a more even heating until you have completely vaporized your concentrate.

How to Use a Carb Cap

Using a carb cap is fairly simple. Once you get the hang of it, you can learn new techniques (like tapping vs swirling) to customize your experience even more. To use a carb cap, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Start Your Dab

Using your dab tool, get the appropriate portion of concentrate and apply it to your nail. 

Step 2: Use Your Carb Cap

Place the carb cap over the dab nail to change the air pressure, airflow, and to trap the heat.

Step 3: If Needed, Move Your Carb Cap Around

To help modify the environment underneath your carb cap, you can move it around as necessary. This can be done by swirling it around, tapping it to create turbulence, or lifting it up and down (like tending a fire) to maintain your heat and pressure.

Glass Carb Cap with wax

Step 4: Remove Your Carb Cap and Take Your Hit

Whenever you are ready to take your hit, remove the carb cap and inhale the vapor.

Step 5: As Necessary, Repeat Steps 2 through 4

In most cases, you will have some concentrate left on your nail (or if you tried to complete it all in one go, you may have wasted vapor). To continue with the remaining concentrate on your nail, simply replace the carb cap over the dab nail and repeat the process from applying your carb cap through taking your hit. 

How to Choose a Carb Cap

Like any other vaping purchase, you should wait to make your purchase until you have had a chance to do some research. While there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from, you first need to consider four key aspects of your carb cap. These include:

Different Carb Cap Shapes

The exact shape of your carb cap is not really important as long as it will work with your dab nail. Some nails, such as a banger nail, require special carb caps and a standard carb cap will not work.

Ceramic, Titanium, Glass Carb Caps

Carb caps typically are made from either glass, quartz, or titanium. The most basic style is typically made from titanium and contains some form of a dome with some type of handle for you to grip. Glass, on the other hand, can come in a variety of fun and artsy styles and shapes. Keep in mind when making your purchase that you should only purchase glass carb caps made from some form of high-quality borosilicate, and if you purchase a titanium carb cap it should be made from either grade 2 titanium or grade 3.

Bottle Carb Cap

Carb Cap Prices

First and foremost, you should always think about your budget before you start shopping. While some devices come with a carb cap and dab nail, other times you have to purchase this dabbing accessory separately. Although a carb cap is not as expensive as the device, this accessory can range in price due to size, material, etc.

Carb Cap Sizes

Another key area you need to think about is the size of your carb cap. It is vital for your vaping results that you pick a carb cap that corresponds to the size of your nail. If you end up with the wrong size carb cap, it can make a less than ideal airflow to your dabbing surface. When this occurs, it causes you to lose a large portion of your concentrate.

Carb caps are a great accessory for anyone who uses a dab rig setup. This dabbing accessory is easy to use and provides better hits for an increased overall vaping experience. They can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and shapes; but in order for it to work correctly, you need to ensure the carb cap will fit the corresponding dab nail for your setup.

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