Do You Need 420 Cleaner to Clean A Pipe?

There are a handful of ways that you should go about cleaning a pipe, but a million other methods that you should never use when cleaning a glass piece. Just a twist in the wrong direction or a bit too much heat applied, and your glass can shatter all over the ground. However, cleaning your pipe or bong is necessary and should not be avoided. Cleaning your piece consistently can extend the lifespan of the piece and keep every session tasting fresh. Thankfully, cleaning glass pieces can be done without running the risk of breaking them.

One of the ingenious solutions people have found for cleaning glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, chillums, and dab rigs is using 420 Cleaner. This simple cleaning solution can change your cleaning game for good. It is well known within the smoking community, and for good reason. But is 420 Cleaner completely necessary to use when cleaning a pipe? Or are there other cleaning methods that work just as well? What is all the hype about 420 Cleaner?

What is 420 Cleaner?

420 Cleaner is designed to be the easiest cleaning solution to use with your glass smoking pieces.  It is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solution that also works to deodorize. This cleaner works quickly to remove any sticky residue or ash from your pipe, bong, chillum, dab rig, or other smoking devices. To use 420 Cleaner, you simply place your piece in a sealable bag filled with enough 420 Cleaner to completely cover the piece. Allow your piece to sit for one minute and then give the bag a gentle shake to remove any stubborn residue. Then remove your piece from the bag and rinse it thoroughly with water. Be sure to allow your piece to dry completely before loading it up for another session though.

If your piece is extra dirty or a dab rig nail with lots of wax residue, then you can allow it to soak for longer. You can also use cotton swabs or a pipe cleaning brush to loosen any sticky corners or residue that is not coming loose with shaking. But if you clean your piece regularly then there should be no scrubbing involved at all. Overall, using 420 Cleaner is a quick, simple, and easy solution for cleaning almost any glass piece you have in your stash.

What Can You Use 420 Cleaner On?

420 Cleaner can be used with almost any smoking piece, with some exceptions. This cleaning solution is designed specifically to be used with Pyrex, glass, metal, or ceramic materials. Technically, that also means that you can use 420 Cleaner on a variety of other objects besides smoke pieces. So, it can be nice to have 420 Cleaner on hand for a variety of reasons. Since it is a non-abrasive cleaner, many people also use 420 Cleaner on silicone, acrylic, or plastic pieces or smoking supplies as well.

However, you should also never use 420 Cleaner on pieces that incorporate electronic parts. Since 420 Cleaner is a liquid, it could cause damage to the electrical components of a portable vaporizer, dab pen, or e-rig, if the whole device is submerged in the cleaning solution. Instead, you should disassemble the device as intended for cleaning, and use another cleaning method if there are electronic parts involved. However, if you can remove any pieces that are made of glass, pyrex, ceramic, or metal, then these can be safely cleaned, separately, in 420 Cleaner.

Basically, 420 Cleaner doesn’t have to just be reserved for cleaning your standard glass pipe. It can also easily handle any dab rig, nail, banger, dab mat, dab container, bubbler, bong, chillum, or more, as long as the piece is made of the materials specified on the bottle. Reading labels and following directions is always encouraged when working with cleaning solutions, to keep yourself and your piece safe, and have the product work effectively.

Do You Need 420 Cleaner to Clean Smoking Pieces?

Since 420 Cleaner is such a brilliant cleaning solution for smoking pieces, do you need to have some in your stash? There are admittedly other options for cleaning your glass pieces. You can opt to use some sea salt, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs instead. Or you can try to use simple soap and water. However, most other forms of glass cleaners should be avoided. Standard glass cleaners can damage porous materials and cause your piece to weaken and shatter in the long run.

420 Cleaner is one of the easiest solutions when it comes to cleaning your smoking pieces, and it will save you a whole lot of time when cleaning your pieces. Which means you can get back to your sessions faster. Give 420 Cleaner a try and see how it changes your pipe cleaning game.

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