510-Thread 1100 mAh Battery Kit (Long-lasting)

Vape Battery Type

Power your vape pen with the standard 1100 mAh 510-thread battery. Most pen-style vaporizer attachments require a battery. This standard 1100 mAh (milli-amp-hour) is designed to last longer than what's found at other shops (usually only 650 mAh) and will work with most e-cig attachments. Select the 900mAh SteamCloud EVOD option if you'd like to have more control over the power of your vape. 

Vape Battery Listing Includes:

  • FREE US Shipping - Priority and International Shipping Options Available 
  • 1x Long-lasting 1100 mAh 510-thread battery OR 1x 900mAh SteamCloud EVOD Vape Battery 
  • 1x USB Charger 

Features and Specifications

  • Compatible with Oil Cartridges, Wax Atomizers, and any other 510 Atomizer. 
  • The vape battery is Long Lasting
  • SteamCloud EVOD allows you to change the voltage from 3.8V - 4.8V. 
  • SteamCloud EVOD is Super easy to use with the special twist function. 
  • For Oil Vaping, this 510 thread battery should allow you to take over 300 puffs per full charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a 510 Thread Vape Battery

  • Before first use, please charge the battery for 6 hours to prime it for long-term use.
  • To turn the battery on/off, press the power button 5 times rapidly.
  • In order to vape, screw on the atomizer. Once you're ready to vape, hold the power button down and you may begin vaping. 
  • When the device blinks 5 times, it is low on power and needs to recharge.

How to Charge a 510 Thread Vape Battery?

  • First, screw the battery onto the USB charger. 
  • Plug the USB into a power source such as a laptop, AC wall adapter, car charger, etc.
  • While the vape battery is charging, a red light will appear on the USB charger. 
  • When the 510 thread vape battery is fully charged, the red light will change to green. 
  • Once your battery is fully charged, you may begin vaping again.  

How to clean a 510 thread vape battery

  • There isn't much cleaning you need to do with your 510 thread vape battery. The key to keeping your battery clean is by making sure there is no dust or other dirty foreign objections preventing the atomizer from heating up. If you keep your battery loose in your pocket all day, expect some dust or something to get on the battery. Make sure you use a Q-TIP or something similar to remove it. Whatever you do, don't you use cleaning agents to clean your battery. 

What is a 510 Thread Vape Battery?

  • This particular 510 thread vape battery has 1100mah battery capacity. It'll last you all day and the battery is compatible with any 510 thread atomizer. Most people are using oil cartridges with this battery, but you can also use any Yocan Atomizer with it too. 

Why is my Vape Battery Blinking 3 Times When I Press the Power Button?

  • When the vape battery blinks 3 times, it means you're having a short circuit issue. Short Circuit problems rarely occur, but if in the event it happens, there are several things you could do to quickly identify the problem. 
  • First, you want to make sure that the connection points between the battery and cartridge are clean and free of debris. If the battery still blinks 3 times, the next thing you want to do is use tweezers to lift the pin on the battery a little. If you frequently screw-on cartridges and overtighten them occasionally, the pin on the battery could be pushed down, making the connection between the two weaker. 
  • If the battery is still blinking 3 times, the next thing to do is test the battery with other cartridges or atomizers. If the battery doesn't blink, then it's clear that the cartridge or atomizer is a defect. If none of the cartridges work on the battery, then it's clear that there's an issue with the battery. 
  • In most cases, short circuit issues are due to a defected cartridge. It's either the electric pole component or it's the coil wiring behind the pin of the cartridge. If the coil wires touch each other, it's impossible for the cartridge to work. 
  • Once you have identified the issue, please send our support team a video for confirmation of the issue and we'll make sure to resolve things as quickly as possible. 

Why Buy a 510 Thread Vape Battery?

  • The 510 thread vape battery will last a very long time and it's compatible with any 510 thread atomizer. If you own 510 thread atomizers for oil, dry herbs, or even wax, then you should definitely buy this vape battery because of it's multi-functional use.