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At this point, there are a lot of Atmos pen-shaped devices. The Rx started it all, and eventually spun out into the Junior, R2 and Jewel, and other variants (Bullet, Dart, etc.). With so many pen-shaped devices, it can get easy to lose track of what's what and which one is right for you.

Well, allow me to introduce the Orbit--the first and only pen-shaped vaporizer by Atmos that is built from the ground up to truly vaporize your dried herbs--without the need for any accessories, such as glass screens. Because this device is not trying to do both wax and herbs (like most other Atmos devices), the design can maximize how efficiently and effectively it produces vapor. This, I believe, is a wildly unmet need in the Atmos series, and they are finally delivering. Here's how:


The Heating Chamber

The Atmos Orbit uses a heating chamber unlike the other pen-shaped devices. It features an "embedded heating element" -- meaning there are no exposed heating coils. Instead, the chamber works like an oven which heats up enough to vaporize your herbs through direct contact.


Atmos Orbit heating chamber - no exposed heating element
No exposed heating element also means no need for glass screens!

How it looks

If there is one drawback to the Orbit, it's the size of the device. Think a bigger, bulkier Atmos R2--or perhaps a variable volt battery--and you'll have a pretty good idea on the size. Creating a true vaporizing experience requires a larger battery, so the size increase is necessary. If you want a more portable option, look into the Transporter by Atmos. However, if you don't mind the size and like the look of pen-shaped vaporizers, then the Orbit is still right up your alley.

In total, the diameter is just under an inch, and the height is about 7 inches tall.

Chamber capacity

With ground herbs (recommended), the chamber can hold two large bowls worth of material. If you're not grinding your herbs, the chamber can hold a large bowls worth of material.



Once you've packed your herbs, it takes about 50-60 seconds for the chamber to heat up. Then the device is ready for you to start taking hits. As with other true vaporizers, the Orbit produces visible clouds of vapor that disappear quickly after exhaling.


It's nice to finally see a true, pen-shaped vaporizer from Atmos. The Orbit is a solid device that will provide the vaping experience you're looking for. If you want a pen-shaped device and the size isn't a problem for you, the Orbit is worth checking out.


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