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These super cool dugouts can hold two one-hitter pipes. They are made in the USA and are even more convenient for having a smoke session with a group of friends. Less waiting time when there are two one-hitters going around the circle. Get these awesome Bad Ash double barrel dugout pipes and we'll ship it out to you for FREE. 

Dugout Pipe Listing Includes 

  • FREE US Shipping - Expedited and International Shipping Options Available Too 
  • 1x Double Barrel Dugout Pipe 
  • Choice of Dugout Box

Features and Specifications 

  • Made In the USA by Bad Ash
  • Dugout Pipe Box is Milled From Wood in the USA
  • The Dugout Pipe has a Wood Exterior. The bronze material from the Interior to the bowl head is the most superior metal to smoke from. 
  • The pipe has excellent airflow
  • Easy To Use
  • Box Measurements - 4-1/8 inches tall; 2-3/8 inches wide; 0.8 inches deep
  • Pipe Length - 3 inches long 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Double Barrel Dugout Pipe? 

  • First, use a 4 piece grinder to grind up your dry herbs. Carefully pour the dry herb into your dugout box storage section. 
  • Take one of your dugout pipes and press the pipe from the bowl head into the storage section so you can pack it with herbs. 
  • Once you have packed as much as you could, you can put the pipe into your mouth. 
  • Use a lighter to heat the bowl head and make sure to simultaneously inhale.
  • Continue smoking until you can't take hits anymore. 

How to Clean a Double Barrel Dugout Pipe? 

  • You won't need to clean the dugout box. Some people do, but we don't suggest using any cleaning solution. The dugout pipe could be cleaned. You can soak the chillum in boiling hot water and then use a cleaning brush or q-tip to clean out the resin. 

Why Buy a Double Barrel Dugout Pipe?

  • The double barrel dugout pipe is a unique design and very convenient for group smoking sessions. The bronze material is safer and better to smoke from than other metal dugout pipes. Lastly, the double barrel dugout pipe is American made by a popular brand called Bad Ash.